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  • It is possible to be so busy going on or off a diet that there isn't time left to enjoy life. Once people ate everything set before them, and had the courage to digest it too.

  • The downfall of most diets is that they restrict your intake of food.

  • I have dieted continuously for the last two decades and lost a total of 758 pounds. By all calculations, I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.

  • If you have formed the habit of checking on every new diet that comes along, you will find that, mercifully, they all blur together, leaving you with only one definite piece of information: french-fried potatoes are out.

  • I'm on the mirror diet. You eat all your food in front of a mirror in the nude. It works pretty good, though some of the fancier restaurants don't go for it.

    • Roseanne Barr,
    • in Geraldine Barr with Ted Schwarz, My Sister Roseanne ()
  • Diets are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

  • We ate eggs every morning, meat for lunch and meat again for dinner, invariably accompanied by gravy or at least pan drippings. We buttered everything from broccoli to brownies and would have buttered butter itself if it were not for the problems of traction presented by the butter-butter interface.

  • Why, there is Mrs. Natty B. Slymm, who is beautifully thin, and she eats twice as much as you do, and does not gain an ounce. You know positively that eating has nothing to do with it, for one time you dieted, didn't eat a thing but what the doctor ordered, besides your regular meals, and you actually gained.

  • While men's appetites are driven by availability, women's are often driven by cravings. A dab of chocolate here, a pinch of sugar there, and some surreptitious midnight Dairy Queen runs lurk behind a woman's oh-so-virtuous bran breakfast, salad lunch, and grilled fish dinner.

    • Wendy Hubbert,
    • "The Skinny on Male/Female Dieting," in Redbook ()
  • Food is neither your enemy nor your best friend. It won't mend your broken heart and it won't send you to hell.

    • Emme,
    • in Emme and Natasha Stoynoff, Life's Little Emergencies ()
  • He said I was the most sensitive person he'd ever seen — that I belonged to the hyper-hyper type and we rarely survive. Of course, I was examined, and so was the éclair, and they found that the éclair contains everything my system lacks. So I take three a day and I feel like a new woman!

    • Ruth Draper,
    • "Doctors and Diets," The Art of Ruth Draper ()
  • ... I am more than ever convinced that what we eat today is what we are tomorrow.

  • I certainly feel that the time is not far distant when a knowledge of the principles of diet will be an essential part of one's education.

  • ... I got a flash of ... what it means, now, 'you can't be too rich or too thin.' How well it works, will keep on working, because the vast majority of women will never be thin. Thin enough. How well the hope of class mobility keeps every mother dieting, and handing the diets down to her daughter, hoping the daughter may do even better. When you combine this with the fact that many non-white peoples tend to be heavier than white folks, dieting becomes a tool not only in enforcing class but in encouraging assimilation.

    • Elana Dykewomon,
    • "Traveling Fat," in Christian McEwen and Sue O'Sullivan, eds., Out the Other Side ()
  • After 14 years of dieting, there are only two things I've never lost. Hope and weight.

  • Diet is a four-letter word.

    • Tina Schwager,
    • in Tina Schwager and Michele Schuerger, The Right Moves: A Girl's Guide to Getting Fit and Feeling Good ()
  • ... the first thing I did when I made the decision to kill myself was to stop dieting. Let them dig a wider hole.

  • I've always felt that the place to diet is in one's own home, not in someone else's.