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Quotes for Today

  • Those who understand only what can be explained understand very little.

  • If one isn't parsimonious before Christmas one can't be munificent when it arrives.

  • Stories can start revolutions.

  • In the mid-nineties a men's movement hit this country with all the force of two marshmallows colliding in midair. ... What were they going to ask for? Pay equal to that received by women?

  • There appears to be a disturbing trend in this nation to try to force single moms to choose between their children and their careers. If they take their careers seriously, they are labeled as bad mothers. If they spend time with their children, they are labeled as people who can't be serious about careers outside the home. This is a sexist double standard. No such guilt trip is imposed on men, who are generally not forced to choose between their children and their jobs.

  • The wife ought to have the first child and the husband the second, then there wouldn't ever be any more.

  • You want to analyze, analyze. Like those people who take an overdose of sleeping pills, and sit there making notes while they're dying. 'Four a.m. Vision begining to blur.' You'd do that. You would.

  • Writers and travelers are mesmerized alike by knowing of their destinations.