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Too Much

  • Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.

  • He [Bernardo Bertolucci] has the kind of talent that breaks one's heart: where can it go, what will happen to it? In this country we encourage 'creativity' among the mediocre, but real bursting creativity appalls us. We put it down as undisciplined, as somehow 'too much.' Well, Before the Revolution is too much and that is what is great about it. Art doesn't come in measured quantities: it's got to be too much or it's not enough.

  • Pleasure is like a cordial — a little of it is not injurious, but too much destroys.

  • ... I have the conviction that excessive literary production is a social offense. ... Everyone who contributes to the 'too much' of literature is doing grave social injury.

    • George Eliot,
    • letter (1871), in J.W. Cross, ed., George Eliot's Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals ()
  • Too many people, too many demands, too much to do; competent, busy, hurrying people — It just isn't living at all.

  • It's possible to have too much in life. Too many clothes jade our appreciation for new ones; too much money can put us out of touch with life; too much free time can dull the edge of the soul. We need sometimes to come very near the bone so that we can taste the marrow of life rather than its superfluities.

  • Everybody who does anything at all does too much.

  • Why is humanity so excessive in the way it does things? The golden mean seems out of fashion.

    • Rose Macaulay,
    • 1951, in Constance Babington-Smith, ed., Letters to a Friend 1950-1952 ()
  • She believed in excess. How can you tell whether or not you have had enough until you've had a little too much?

  • ... we live in a world of excess: too many kinds of coffee, too many magazines, too many types of bread, too many digital recordings of Beethoven's Ninth, too many choices of rearview mirrors on the latest Renault. Sometimes you say to yourself: It's too much, it's all too much.

  • ... too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

  • ... having too much is never enough.

  • Too much of anything is bad, Mr. Wales, even piety.

  • But living fully doesn't mean having it all, going everywhere, doing everything, and being all things to all people. Many of us are beginning to see that too much is too much. Doing too much and having too much get in the way of being able to enjoy the things we do want in our lives, and to simply be who we are.