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  • Nothing, nothing am I but a small, loving watercourse.

  • If I may venture to be frank I would say about myself that I was every inch a gentleman ...

  • I am and am not; freeze, and yet I burn, / Since from myself my other self I turn.

    • Elizabeth I,
    • 1582, in Gwen John, Queen Elizabeth ()
  • ... I think I may boast myself to be, with all possible Vanity, the most unlearned & uninformed Female who ever dared to be an Authoress.

    • Jane Austen,
    • 1815, in Deirdre Le Faye, ed., Jane Austen's Letters ()
  • I've been things and seen places.

  • Describing herself was Suzanne's way of being herself.

  • You're only as sick as your secrets. Either it comes out their way or my way. I talk about myself behind my back. And I'm funny about it.

    • Carrie Fisher,
    • in Mimi Avins, "Carrie Fisher Takes Reality for a Spin," Los Angeles Times ()
  • A lot of the time, I'm just smart enough to be unhappy.

  • Eventually, life of the party is just like any other job. I've thought of myself that way at times, but it's sort of like holding everybody hostage. It diminishes everyone else. And ultimately, your friends don't require it of you.

  • Part of my gestalt is that I still feel a little bit like a wallflower. Even in my own life. I talk about myself behind my back.

  • I'm the last of the truly tacky women. I do trash with flash and sleaze with ease.

  • I am the box / within a box / within a box. / Open me and be deafened / by my shadow.

  • Once more I am overcome by my own amazing sloth and unmannerliness. Can you please forgive me and believe that it is really because I want to do something well that I don't do it at all?

  • I prefer to remain anomalous.

  • ... anyone who used the word hip probably wasn't.

  • Outside I am a little machine wound up; inside I am a thousand miles away, and doing a thousand other things. Some day I am going to blow up and break my inside workings, for I wasn't meant to run regular and on time. I wasn't.

  • [On herself:] A doormat in a world of boots.

  • I feel like a baited bull and look a wreck, and as for my unfortunate brain well I saw it neatly described yesterday on an automatic thing in the tube: This machine is empty till further notice.

  • I am said to be the most beautiful woman in Europe. About that, of course, I cannot judge because I cannot know. But about the other queens, I know. I am the most beautiful queen in Europe.

    • Marie of Romania,
    • 1919, in Hannah Pakula, The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania ()
  • ... if you ain't got on to it by now, that I'm no little, tremblin' wife, you never will. Those kind has nerves. I only got nerve.

  • ... by what miracle could he understand me? I was experiencing the inevitable consequence of a nature like mine — a nature too diverse and made up of extreme opposites. I could with discipline secretly harmonize my elements; by dint of regulating myself properly, to my own ears I sounded in tune. But I thought that such subtle attuning would never be perceptible to anyone else. I knew then, I know still, that I sound off-key to those who do not listen with attention.

    • Georgette Leblanc,
    • in Janet Flanner, trans., Souvenirs: My Life With Maeterlinck ()
  • I am what you call a hooligan ...

  • I was then at the height of my two-facedness: that is, outside I seemed one way, inside I was another; outside false, inside true.

  • I feel like I don't have all the ingredients a person is supposed to have.

  • Describe me broken mast / adrift but strong / regardless what may / come along.

    • June Jordan,
    • "Who Look at Me," Things That I Do in the Dark ()
  • I am dark, daughters of Jerusalem, / And I am beautiful! / Dark as the tents of Kedar, lavish / As Solomon's tapestries. / Do not see me only as dark. The sun / has stared at me.

  • Sometimes, Bobbi, I feel like I am a figment of my own imagination.

  • ... to speak as black, female, and commercial lawyer has rendered me simultaneously universal, trendy, and marginal.

  • I am all that I am / And some of what I hope to be.