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  • The freeway is the last frontier. It is unsurpassed as a training ground for the sharpening of survival skills.

  • I'm sure that all the drivers and motorcycle police had once been racing drivers and were eager to get back to that profession.

  • Once you provide a super-route, you do not just speed the already stuck cars and trucks on their way, you acquire a lot of new traffic.

  • ... the superhighway is our true sacrificial altar.

  • Auto insurance is a toll bridge, over which every honest driver has to pass.

  • ... you see people putting on makeup or shaving while talking on the phone and driving their cars down busy highways. You also often see major accidents on the side of the road. Coincidence? I think not.

  • I am of the belief that if you're going to hit a vehicle, you should select one with someone inside. When you smack an empty, parked car, you pretty much rule out the chance the other person may have been at fault.

  • I can't see or hear, but thank God I can still drive!

    • Merrilyn Belgum,
    • who is legally blind in one eye and wears two hearing aids, in Minnesota Women's Press ()
  • Everybody I know grows claws and fur behind the wheel. ... it is only here, in your very own castle of rubber and steel, that you can for a short but blissful time throw off the cloak of civilization and be the raging Hun you always wanted to be.

  • Grandpa ... suddenly swerved, insisting that a cougar had just darted out in front of the car. We had all seen the cougar he was referring to. It was a double-wide mobile home that had been parked by the side of the road for least twenty years.

  • ... my cabbie ... didn't know how to drive. As an alternative, he had obviously seen movies of driving. We whomped up and down the hills of San Francisco like Steve McQueen in Bullitt ...

  • Rush hour brings out the worst in some people. They make faces, gesture, yell, call names, bump you with their car, and lean on their horn over the slightest perception that they are right and you are wrong. If you take any of these signals seriously, you can be hurt every time you drive. If you cannot crack a joke within a few minutes of rear-ending someone on the freeway, don't go out there.

  • The courteous driver keeps a safe distance between cars and doesn't drive like one plane trying to refuel another.

  • [He drove] at a stately thirty miles an hour, triumphant but alert, eyes flicking left and right, like an Allied general entering a newly liberated town.

  • For a driver to be driven by somebody else is an ordeal, for there are only three types of drivers: the too fast, the timid and oneself.

  • Two-thirds of the nation's eggplants are grown in New Jersey. Upon maturity, they are issued driver's licenses and set loose upon the road.

  • Ten thousand years of civilization shed in an instant when you put a woman behind the wheel of a car.

  • The shortest distance between two points is under construction.

  • Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects of scorn to smart Americans who blow horns to break up traffic jams.

  • They were headed south on I-5 ... Kick had a theory that 30 percent of the drivers on it any given time were actively committing a crime.