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  • Memory seldom fails when its office is to show us the tombs of our buried hopes.

    • Countess of Blessington,
    • in R.R. Madden, The Literary Life and Correspondence of the Countess of Blessington, vol. 1 ()
  • We mortals, men and women, devour many a disappointment between breakfast and dinnertime.

  • ... no one wants to be praised for possibilities when one has submitted performances.

  • It is only by knowing how little life has in store for us that we are able to look on the bright side and avoid disappointment.

  • ... a great man does not leave behind him his genius, but its traces. Now, there is no disappointment so bitter as that whose cause is in ourselves.

  • Disappointment tears the bearable film off life.

  • Let's face it — who ever is adequate? We all create situations each other can't live up to, then break our hearts at them because they don't.

  • My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. That's a sentence I read in a book once, and I say it over to comfort myself whenever I'm disappointed in anything.

  • The wise expect nothing, hope for nothing, thus avoiding all disappointment and anxiety.

  • You can't be disappointed unless you try something to be disappointed over.

  • But alas for the dreams that round us play! / For the plans of mortal making! / And alas for the false and fickle day / That looked so fair at waking!

    • Phoebe Cary,
    • "The Fickle Day," The Poetical Works of Alice and Phoebe Cary ()
  • ... she felt somehow that her poor heart was like a ravaged garden, in which all the flowers had been uprooted, and now Grief, as a gardener, moved about in there, planting thistles and poisonous herbs.

  • I entered beauty pageants in much the same spirit most people enter politics — with high ideals and ambitions. Similarly, I had to make some adjustments here and there along the way.

  • To a generous mind few circumstances are more afflicting than a discovery of perfidy in those whom we have trusted ...

  • To discover depravity in those whom we have loved, is one of the most exquisite tortures to a virtuous mind, and the conviction is often rejected before it is finally admitted.

  • Truly disappointment is the guardian deity of human life; she sits at the threshold of unborn time, and marshals the events as they come forth.

  • The reality has displaced from my mind an illusion much more magnificent than itself. ... I am metamorphosed; I am translated; I am an ass's head, a clod, a wooden spoon, a fat weed growing on Lethe's brink, a stock, a stone, a petrifaction. For have I not seen Niagara, the wonder of wonders, and felt — no words can tell what — disappointment?

    • Anna Jameson,
    • 1836, in Geraldine Macpherson, Memoirs of the Life of Anna Jameson ()
  • Sorrow and suffering give opportunities for growth. Disappointment opens doors to wider fields.

  • At last I came to college. I rushed for it with the outstretched arms of youth's aching hunger to give and take of life's deepest, and highest, and I came against the solid wall of the well-fed, well-dressed world — the frigid whitewashed wall of cleanliness. ... How I pinched, and scraped, and starved myself, to save enough to come to college! Every cent of the tuition fee I paid was drops of sweat and blood from underpaid laundry work. And what did I get for it? A crushed spirit, a broken heart, a stinging sense of poverty that I never felt before.

  • Ah, the disappointment of remaining put when one is ready to leave ...

  • As long as you can still be disappointed, you are still young.

  • Is that all? The mountain in labor has brought forth a mouse.

  • ... there is nothing sorer to the spirit than falling below what one's lover thinks of one.

  • You gave me wings to fly; / Then took away the sky.

  • They say you only have so many breaths in your lifetime, and I think disappointments might be the same.