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  • The shops, the paraphernalia show that longing for connection with wolves. We embrace them on T-shirts, on cards. Everyone from three-year-olds to ninety-three-year-olds feels strongly about this. A critter like the wolf has tremendous presence in the cultural psyche.

    • Renee Askins,
    • in Karin Winegar, "War Over the Wolf," Star Tribune Sunday Magazine ()
  • The things we want to kill in the wolf — freedom, unpredictability — are the things we begin to recognize we as people have lost.

    • Renee Askins,
    • in Karin Winegar, "War Over the Wolf," Star Tribune Sunday Magazine ()
  • Wolves are brotherly. They love each other, and if you learn to speak to them, they will love you too.

  • Then perhaps in the end, if we don't exterminate the gorillas before we exterminate ourselves, the gorilla will have his chance. He's one of the really great ones of the earth, and he's not specialized, he's versatile. It's the versatile who survive.

  • A gorilla is a stupendous creature, very up and coming. He seems to belong to the dawn of his time, the origin, not the end, the elemental stuff packed with compressed vitality from whom everything is still to come.

  • Wolves ... are a balance wheel of nature.

  • The extraordinary gentleness of the adult male with his young dispels all the King Kong mythology.

  • Peanuts ... suddenly stopped and turned to stare directly at me. The expression in his eyes was unfathomable. Spellbound, I returned his gaze — a gaze that seemed to combine elements of inquiry and acceptance. ... I returned to camp and cabled Dr. Leaky I've finally been accepted by a gorilla.

  • Peanuts became the first gorilla ever to touch me. ... After looking intently at my hand, Peanuts stood up and extended his hand to touch his fingers against my own for a brief instant. Thrilled at his own daring, he gave vent to his excitement by a quick chestbeat before going off to rejoin his group. ... The contact was among the most memorable of my life among the gorillas.

  • None of the three great apes is considered ancestral to modern man, Homo sapiens, but they remain the only other type of extant primate with which human beings share such close physical characteristics. From them we may learn much concerning the behavior of our earliest primate prototypes, because behavior, unlike bones, teeth, or tools, does not fossilize.

  • Clawing and snarling have broken out between those who welcome the wolf's return and those who dread it. The fight is more about control of public land than fangs and fur. And the return of the wolf is no longer simple.

    • Karen Winegar,
    • "War Over the Wolf," Star Tribune Sunday Magazine ()
  • Wilderness without its animals is dead — dead scenery. Animals without wilderness are a closed book.