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  • Those who trust us educate us.

  • I always trust the microcosm over the macrocosm.

  • I have come to believe in the 'Sacrament of the Moment,' which presupposes trust in the ultimate goodness of my creator.

    • Ruth Casey,
    • in Karen Casey, Each Day a New Beginning ()
  • He who has trusted where he ought not will surely mistrust where he ought not.

  • Trust and integrity are precious resources, easily squandered, hard to regain.

  • As contagion / of sickness makes sickness, / contagion of trust can make trust.

  • ... where I wholly love I wholly trust.

    • Louisa May Alcott,
    • "Pauline's Passion and Punishment," in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper ()
  • Too much trust is folly, in an imperfect world.

  • Let nothing disturb thee; / Let nothing dismay thee: / All things pass; / God never changes. / Patience attains / All that it strives for. / He who has God / Finds he lacks nothing: / God alone suffices.

    • Teresa of Avila,
    • c. 1550, in E. Allison Peers, tr., The Complete Works of St. Teresa of Jesus ()
  • Blind jealousy and blind trust are equally dangerous.

  • But hers was one of those inconvenient natures which trust blindly or not at all: once worked on by a doubt or a suspicion, they are never able to shake themselves free of it again.

  • [On therapy:] One of the first things I tell new clients is not to trust me. ... It's not that I'm pernicious or false — it's just that I'm fallible. If you trust me before trusting yourself, you'll rob us both of excellent counsel.

  • Trust in goodness, wherever it be found, but oh, trust all rather than none.

  • ... she was feeling him over with the fingers of her mind as she would a vegetable, seeking soft spots or rot, not trusting him for a moment until she felt she had reason to trust.

  • Trust takes one second to lose and a lifetime to rebuild.

  • How desperately we wish to maintain our trust in those we love! In the face of everything, we try to find reasons to trust. Because losing faith is worse than falling out of love.

  • Trust, which is a virtue, is also a habit, like prayer. It requires exercise. And just as no one can run five miles a day and cede the cardiovascular effects to someone else, no one can trust for us.

  • ... scientists have discovered that the small brave act of cooperating with another person, of choosing trust over cynicism, generosity over selfishness, makes the brain light up with quiet joy.

    • Natalie Angier,
    • "Why We're So Nice: We're Wired to Cooperate," The New York Times ()
  • You trust wholly or not at all. Trust was not divisible.

  • Better trust all and be deceived, / And weep that trust and that deceiving, / Than doubt one heart that, if believed, / Had blessed one's life with true believing.

    • Fanny Kemble,
    • "Faith," in Fanny B. Bates, ed., Between the Lights: Thoughts for the Quiet Hour ()