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  • We walk up the beach under the stars. And when we are tired of walking, we lie flat on the sand under a bowl of stars. We feel stretched, expanded to take in their compass. They pour into us until we are filled with stars, up to the brim.

  • Last night the stars were magnificent — Pegasus and Andromeda faced me brilliantly when I lifted my shade, so I went down and had a friendly reunion with the constellations ... I get a wonderful peace and the most exquisite pleasure from my friendship with the stars.

  • There is no greater joy for me than looking at the sky on a clear night with an attention so concentrated that all my other thoughts disappear; then one can think that the stars enter into one's soul.

    • Simone Weil,
    • in Simone Petrément, Simone Weil: A Life ()
  • Stars clustered about the chimney-top like silver bees in swarm.

  • ... I love the evening star. Does that sound foolish? I used to go into the backyard, after sunset, and wait for it until it shone above the dark gum tree. I used to whisper 'There you are, my darling.' And just in that first moment it seemed to be shining for me alone. It seemed to understand this ... something which is like longing, and yet it is not longing. Or regret — it is more like regret.

  • It is strange that there are times when I feel the stars are not at all solemn: they are secretly gay.

  • Solace of the night sky, / the hardly moving / face of the clock.

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star, / How I wonder what you are! / Up above the world so high, / Like a diamond in the sky.

  • There will be stars over the place forever ...

  • Myriads with beating / Hearts of fire ...

  • [The stars] are more than reflected on the water, they are doubled and tripled in brilliance as the wind stirs, as if combing them through its black hair.

  • Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!

    • Tasha Tudor,
    • in Tasha Tudor and Richard Brown, The Private World of Tasha Tudor ()
  • When we are chafed and fretted by small cares, a look at the stars will show us the littleness of our own interests.

    • Maria Mitchell,
    • diary (1866), in Phebe Mitchell Kendall, ed., Maria Mitchell, Life, Letters, and Journals ()
  • There is something of the same pleasure in noticing the hues of the stars that there is in looking at a flower garden in autumn.

  • Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; / I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

    • Sarah Williams,
    • "The Old Astronomer," Twilight Hours: A Legacy of Verse ()
  • We are made of stardust; why not take a few moments to look up at the family album?