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  • Everything has got its right size. When it is its right size and well run it's the tops.

  • We have come to accept bigger and bigger things as meaning greater and greater efficiency, more and more prosperity and more and more freedom. The two do not go together of necessity ...

  • He was a short man, well below average, and he walked with his chin up, gazing about as though searching for his missing inches.

  • Height isn't something you can have and just let be, like nice teeth or naturally curly hair. People have this idea you have to put it to use, playing basketball, for example, or observing the weather up there. If you are a girl, they feel a particular need to point your height out to you, as if you might not have noticed.

  • Hedda was queasily phobic of children and, by extension, of short people in general. They were too condensed, like undiluted cans of soup — too intensely human and, therefore, too intensely not to be trusted. The mistakes in the basic ingredients — the stupidity, the cruelty — were overpoweringly present.

  • When I was young, my producer, George Tyler, told me that were I four inches taller I could become one of the greatest actresses of my time. I decided to lick my size. A string of teachers pulled and stretched till I felt I was in a medieval torture chamber. I gained nary an inch — but my posture become military. I became the tallest five-foot woman in the world. And my refusal to be limited by my limitations enabled me to play Mary of Scotland, one of the tallest queens in history.

    • Helen Hayes,
    • with Sandford Dody, On Reflection, An Autobiography ()
  • ... do get over the idea that size has any value or merit. It is the enemy of most of the best things in the world — it is the enemy of the good life.

  • [When asked how someone 6'3" had dared take up golf:] I was too tall to make the chess team in my high school, so I tried golf.

    • Carol Mann,
    • in Janice Kaplan, Women and Sports ()
  • [When asked how tall she is:] I'm five feet, 15 inches.

  • She didn't resent being short; what got to her was the towering world's belittling assumptions.

  • Now a double scotch is about the size of a small scotch before the war, and a single scotch is nothing more than a dirty glass.

  • The knife flaying the elephant does not have to be large, only sharp!

  • ... her own tiny one-bedroom. So tiny that when she neglected to hang up her terry cloth bathrobe, Nina felt as though another person had moved in.

  • At Stoke Poges the inn at which we stopped was so small that it might have been spelled 'in' ...