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Sexual Harassment

  • Almost everything can be construed as sexual harassment depending upon the way it is said. One general rule of thumb is to think of your female co-workers as you would your sister. Yes, she is a woman. No, she is not a sexual object. Yes, your parents probably like her more than they like you.

  • The only women who don't believe that sexual harassment is a real problem in this country are women who have never been in the workplace.

  • ... all your fine officials debauch the young girls who are afraid to lose their jobs: that's as old as Washington.

  • Sexual harassment is complex, subtle, and highly subjective. But you know when it's happening.

  • ... I have been the victim of many of the injustices that women who are my clients have had. That is how I understand how this is impacting their lives economically, psychologically, often physically. It's all personal. For me, if one woman is denied her rights, we're all being denied our rights.

    • Gloria Allred,
    • in Patt Morrison, "Filner's Nemesis," The Los Angeles Times ()
  • ... we need to turn the question around to look at the harasser, not the target. We need to be sure that we can go out and look anyone who is a victim of harassment in the eye and say, 'You do not have to remain silent anymore.'

  • I did what my conscience told me to do, and you can't fail if you do that.

    • Anita Hill,
    • interview, "Sixty Minutes," CBS-TV ()
  • I am hopeful that others who have suffered sexual harassment will not become discouraged by my experience, but instead will find the strength to speak out about this serious problem.

  • He said that if I ever told anyone of his behavior it would ruin his career.

    • Anita Hill,
    • in Anna Quindlen, The New York Times ()
  • It would have been more comfortable to remain silent. I took no initiative to inform anyone. But when I was asked by a representative of this committee to report my experience, I felt that I had to tell the truth. I could not keep silent.

    • Anita Hill,
    • statement to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, alleging sexual harassment ()
  • Sexual harassment at work ... is it a problem for the self-employed?

  • The agenda in sexual activity, whether it's appropriate or not, has to do with lust, affection, passion, love, but the agenda in sexual harassment is not any of that. It is power, control, dominance. The tool is the same on both, but the agenda is completely different. That's what distinguishes the two.