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Not Feminism

  • ... nobody is such a fool as to moider away his time in the slip-slop conversation of a pack of women.

    • Lady Hester Stanhope,
    • 1837, in Duchess of Cleveland, The Life and Letters of Lady Hester Stanhope ()
  • The Queen is most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Woman's Rights,' with all its attendant horrors ... It is a subject which makes the Queen so furious that she cannot contain herself.

  • Never upstage a man. Don't top his joke, even if you have to bite your tongue to keep from doing it. Never launch loudly into your own opinions on a subject — whether it's petunias or politics. Instead, draw out his ideas to which you can gracefully add your footnotes from time to time.

  • In the rush of complex modern living, we have a tendency to laugh at the 'bring-Papa-his-pipe-and-slippers' approach to marriage — but most men are more than a little wistful at its demise. A man dreams of home as a haven and his wife as a romantic, fragrant creature whose most important goal in life is making him comfortable.

  • How can the world progress if women don't consider men ... the Man ... first?

  • You know what gets me sick and tired? The battered-woman motif. It's so misinterpreted ... everyone knows throughout the world that many of these working-class relationships where women get beat up have hot sex. They ask why she won't leave him? Maybe she won't leave him because the sex is very hot. I say we should start looking at the battered-wife motif in terms of sex.

    • Camille Paglia,
    • "The Rape Debate, Continued," Sex, Art, and American Culture ()
  • [On rape:] If it is a totally devastating psychological experience for a woman, then she doesn't have a proper attitude toward sex. It's this whole stupid feminist thing about how we are basically nurturing, benevolent people, and sex is a wonderful thing between two equals. With that kind of attitude, then of course rape is going to be a total violation of your entire life ...

    • Camille Paglia,
    • "The Rape Debate, Continued," Sex, Art, and American Culture ()
  • We could make an epic catalog of male achievements. ... If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.

  • ... I think you'll find, when you're married, that it isn't nearly so important for you to be interesting as it is to make your husband feel that he's interesting.

  • It's patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman.

  • Feminism ... does not see what is for men the eroticism or fun element in rape, especially the wild, infectious delirium of gang rape.

    • Camille Paglia,
    • "The Rape Debate, Continued," Sex, Art, and American Culture ()
  • If you happen to find it hard to have sustained conversations, try keeping your voice up at the end of the sentence. There is a charming graciousness in doing so, for it seems to say that you do not think your remarks are the last words to be said on the subject. It prevents you from seeming opinionated. How men dislike an opinionated woman! No one really likes her! To keep your voice up sounds as though you are interested in other people's ideas. The subject is still open!

  • Speaking of opinions, the charming woman does not air hers very freely. The crude woman is eager to let you know what she thinks of every matter, person or object that bobs up. She comments on every passing item — even in public, as you may have noticed. Not only is it bad taste for her to be so desperately interested in her own reactions and opinions — but she throws away the precious aura of reserve and mystery that makes a woman attractive.

  • Maids must be wives, and mothers, to fulfill / Th' entire and holiest end of woman's being.

  • 'It's not,' Danvers amended, as he stood with his arm about her, 'that women have not the ability to do anything they want,' for he was ever chivalrous, 'but that God in his wisdom gave them a great and special work, and they should be kept strong and safe and holy for its fulfilment.'

  • Every female creature is in all probability the repository of unborn generations, and should be trained to think of that solemn fact as a man is taught to think of his country.

  • Ye can't educate a woman as ye can a man. With six thousand years of heredity, the physiology of the female sex, and the Lord himself against you, I'm thinking it wise for you to have your daughter reared like other women, to fulfil woman's great end.

  • Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting. There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women.

    • Janis Lane,
    • in Jackson, Mississippi, Free Press ()
  • [On a Total Woman course:] A revolutionary new idea whereby women give up their entire lives and can stay home and devote themselves to their husbands, whether they like them or not.

    • Emily Levin,
    • in Mary Unterbrink, Funny Women: American Comediennes, 1860-1985 ()