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  • The worst and best are both inclined / To snap like vixens at the truth; / But, O, beware the middle mind / That purrs and never shows a tooth!

    • Elinor Wylie,
    • "Nonsense Rhyme," Angels and Earthly Creatures ()
  • A pinch of fair, a pinch of foul. / And bad and good makes best of all; / Beware the moderated soul / That climbs no fractional inch to fall.

    • Elinor Wylie,
    • "Nonsense Rhyme," Angels and Earthly Creatures ()
  • ... you can't set down and stand up at the same time, each situation has its advantages, but you can't be in both places at once ... it can't be did.

  • There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.

  • Intellectual neutrality is not possible in a historical world of exploitation and oppression.

  • Quite the worst epithet the mind of the radical can conjure up, in castigation for the less radical, quite the smelliest rose of yesterday he can pin on you, is 'bourgeois.' To be neither very conservative nor very radical, to be plain every-day, middle-class average, is to be just too awful for language, take it from the radical who is one degree more so than the last one.

    • Anonymous,
    • "A Bourgeois Movement," in Woman Citizen ()