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  • Murder is the unique crime, the only one for which we can never make reparation to the victim.

  • Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend ...

  • Murder is the apex of megalomania, the ultimate in control.

  • ... whereas, up to the present, there is only one known way of getting born, there are endless ways of getting killed.

  • A Queen, or a Prime Minister's secretary may be shot at in London, as we know; and probably there is no person eminent in literature or otherwise who has not been the object of some infirm brain or another. But in America the evil is sadly common.

  • Every murder strikes at the heart of civilization; it is an attack on all mankind.

  • Children model the behavior of adults, on whatever scale is available to them. Ours are growing up in a nation whose most important, influential men — from presidents to the coolest film characters — solve problems by killing people. ... We have taught our children in a thousand ways, sometimes with flag-waving and sometimes with a laugh track, that the bad guy deserves to die.

  • The most savage and voracious animal never kills to increase his wealth, or open a way to grandeur. It slays to satisfy his hunger, or in a natural defense of his own life, or of those whom he is prompted by instinct to preserve.

  • Willow trees are kind, Dear God. They will not bear a body on their limbs.

    • Alice Dunbar-Nelson,
    • "April Is on the Way" (1927), in Gloria T. Hull, ed., The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson, vol. 2 ()
  • ... murder is not polite.

  • Murder is a plant of slow growth ...

  • In a sense, all murderers are lunatics. Killing is a not a sane reaction to the circumstances of life.

  • The bloody Wolf, the Wolf does not pursue; / The Boar, though fierce, his Tusk will not embrue / In his own kind, Bears, not on Bears do prey: / Thou art then, Man, more savage far than they.

    • Anne Killigrew,
    • "The Miseries of Man," Poems by Mrs. Anne Killigrew ()
  • Unlike men, who are apt to stab a total stranger in a drunken brawl or run amuck with a high-powered rifle, we women usually kill our intimates: We kill our children, our husbands, our lovers.