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  • I take a dose of mathematics every day to prevent my brain from becoming quite soft.

    • George Eliot,
    • letter (1849), in J.W. Cross, ed., George Eliot's Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals ()
  • ... I see a certain order in the universe and math is one way of making it visible.

  • The knowledge of Numbers is one of the chief distinctions between us and Brutes.

  • Until I was thirty years old, I never even dated a scientist, an engineer, or a math major. My math avoidance extended even to my social life.

  • ... fear of mathematics is the result and not the cause of ... negative experiences with mathematics ...

  • People who don't know what math is don't know what math isn't. Therefore, fear of math may lead them to avoid all manner of data and to feel uncomfortable working with things. Any mathematician will tell you that you don't need mathematics to work the F stops on a camera, or to fix the car, or even to start your own business.

  • ... mathematics provides an invisible framework that molds the more visible surface features of daily life.

  • ... the paradox of our times is that as mathematics becomes increasingly powerful, only the powerful seem to benefit from it.

  • ...mathematical expressions give us a way of thinking about relationships that would otherwise be unavailable to us.

  • ... although I am not stupid, the mathematical side of my brain is like dumb notes upon a damaged piano ...

  • I am now going to tell you about the horible and wretched plaege that my multiplication gives me you cant concieve it — the most Devilish thing is 8 times 8 & 7 times 7 it is what nature itselfe cant endure ...

    • Marjorie Fleming,
    • age 7 (1810), in Frank Sidgwick, The Complete Marjory Fleming ()
  • Every formula which expresses a law of nature is a hymn of praise to God.

    • Maria Mitchell,
    • diary (1866), in Phebe Mitchell Kendall, ed., Maria Mitchell, Life, Letters, and Journals ()
  • She would not have cared to confess how infinitely she preferred the exactitude, the star-like impersonality, of figures to the confusion, agitation, and vagueness of the finest prose.

  • Nothing comforted Sabine like long division. ... She figured the square root of the date while other people knit and read. Sabine blamed much of the world's unhappiness on the advent of calculators.

  • ... statistics ... can be used to support or undercut almost any argument.

  • Many persons who have not studied mathematics confuse it with arithmetic and consider it a dry and arid science. Actually, however, this science requires great fantasy.

    • Sofia Kovalevskaya,
    • in Don H. Kennedy, Little Sparrow: A Portrait of Sophia Kovalevsky ()
  • Mathematics is a language that speaks to me in beautiful tones. ... I only know that when I study mathematics, I transport myself to another world, a world of exquisite beauty and truth. And in that world I am the person I like to be.