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  • ... a mistake in judgment isn't fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is.

  • Hear everything and judge for yourself ...

  • If any have a stone to throw / It is not I, ever or now.

    • Elinor Wylie,
    • "The Pebble," in William Rose Benét, ed., Collected Poems of Elinor Wylie ()
  • Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.

  • Distrust your judgment the moment you can discern the shadow of a personal motive in it.

  • Feeling without judgment is a washy draught indeed; but judgment untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition.

  • Get rid of the tendency / to judge yourself / above, below, or / equal to others.

    • Abhirupa-Nanda,
    • 6th cent. BCE, in Susan Murcott, The First Buddhist Women ()
  • ... I wonder whether our adoption of Shrink-ese as a second language, the move from religious phrases of judgment to secular words of acceptance, hasn't also produced a moral lobotomy. In the reluctance, the aversion to being judgmental, are we disabled from making any judgments at all?

  • We miss a lot in life because we don't know when to quit, what to leave out.

  • It's funny how your initial approach to a person can determine your feelings toward them, no matter what facts develop later on.

  • Judgment is such a useful shield, isn't it? We can hide behind it, rise above others on its crest, keep ourselves safe and separate.

  • Being judgmental is cheap. Any fool can do it.

  • To refuse to pass judgment upon a subject not yet understood is one of the surest evidences of the cultured mind.

  • ... there are no judgments so harsh as those of the erring, the inexperienced, and the young.

  • Difficult as it often is to grasp someone else's pain, it is easy to judge another's behavior.

    • Marcia Falk,
    • in Christina Buchmann and Celina Spiegel, eds., Out of the Garden ()
  • Make no judgments where you have no compassion.

  • I've made a career out of serious lapses in judgment, especially when it comes to romance.

  • Everyone knew in the 1950s why a girl from a nice family left home. The meaning of her theft of herself from her parents was clear to all — as well as what she'd be up to in that room of her own.

  • A man without judgment is like a car without brakes; but a man without enthusiasm is like a car without a motor.

    • Judith Lane,
    • in Jacob Morton Braude, ed., Lifetime Speaker's Encyclopedia ()