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  • In hospitals there was no time off for good behavior.

  • Hospital rooms seem to have vastly more ceiling than any rooms people live in.

  • One of the most difficult things to contend with in a hospital is the assumption on the part of the staff that because you have lost your gall bladder you have also lost your mind.

  • [Hospitalized and pressing the nurse's button before dictating letters to her secretary:] This should assure us of at least forty-five minutes of undisturbed privacy.

  • Nobody complains about hospital food anymore; perhaps hospitals no longer need to serve food, since all the patients are sent home before dinnertime. Consumer advocates urge us to get tough with our provide organizations, demand our rights, and stomp out in a snit to try elsewhere, but this is a lot to ask when we're wobbly and feverish, or perhaps unconscious.

  • ... I'm sitting on a steel table in the middle of a heavily trafficked hallway, spillng out of a gown made from a Handi Wipe and an English muffin twist tie ...

    • Lila Keary,
    • in Oprah Winfrey, O's Guide to Life ()
  • For the patient who remained hospitalized a long time, an insidious metamorphosis took place — the outside world dimmed and faded like a watercolor exposed to the sun, while the hospital became the center and the only real part of the universe.

  • Doctors and nurses seemed to have been born and raised in the hospital, with only short punctuations of absenteeism for such things as schooling and marriage.

  • Nowhere is inhumanity more revealed than in hospitals.

    • Anaïs Nin,
    • 1950, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, vol. 5 ()
  • Surely there is no greater garden for human-nature study than the flotsam and jetsam of the hospital.

  • Visiting the sick is supposed to exhibit such great virtue that there are some people determined to do it whether the sick like it or not. ... All visitors everywhere are supposed to make plans to depart if they observe their hosts visibly wilting or in pain, but this is especially true at hospitals.

  • There is no human relationship more intimate than that of nurse and patient, one in which the essentials of character are more rawly revealed.

  • Hospitals are a little like the beach. The next wave comes in, and the footprints of your pain and suffering, your delivery and recovery, are obliterated ...

  • It's like a convent, the hospital. You leave the world behind and take vows of poverty, chastity, obedience.

    • Carolyn Wheat,
    • "Life, for Short," in Marilyn Wallace, ed., Sisters in Crime ()
  • The two places one should always go first class are in hospitals and on ships.

  • ... Luke got up and followed him on tiptoes, trying to keep his shoes from making that unpleasant noise on the linoleum which fills the corridors of all the hospitals in the world.

  • The ultimate indignity is to be given a bedpan by a stranger who calls you by your first name.

  • Hospitals, like airports and supermarkets, only pretend to be open nights and weekends.

  • Once various forms were signed, I was separated from my free will, led down the corridors into a room which was now to be the boundary of my existence, told to surrender my clothes, handed that comic invention, the hospital gown, and sent to bed in broad daylight like a child being stripped of her privileges.

    • Dorothy West,
    • "A Day Lost Is a Day Gone Forever," The Richer, The Poorer ()
  • I love visitors, especially the cheery ones. They just don't believe there is anything the matter with you at all, they think you are just fooling everyone — you little rascal! They never saw you look better in your life. My, they would be sick themselves if they could look like that, and if that is what hospitals do for you they guess they will go into one and stay there forever. Which is all right with you.

  • It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a Hospital that it should do the sick no harm. It is quite necessary nevertheless to lay down such a principle ...

  • Apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, expectation, fear of surprise, do a patient more harm than any exertion.

  • Hospitals are only an intermediate stage of civilization ...

    • Florence Nightingale,
    • "Sick-Nursing and Health-Nursing" (1893), in Lucy Ridgely Seymer, Selected Writings of Florence Nightingale ()
  • Looking out of a hospital window is different from looking out of any other. Somehow you do not see outside.

  • A trip to the hospital is always a descent into the macabre. I have never trusted a place with shiny floors.