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  • It is remarkable what fine hands men of genius write, even when they are as awkward in all other uses of the hand as a cow with a musket.

  • Palmistry is a toy left over from the childhood of our race, which we shamefacedly hide whenever anyone is looking. Although we may despise it with our superior minds, it is older and nearer to us than our minds are, like sleep or tears, as even the best of us demonstrate when we are unhappy.

  • ... she inspected her finger nails of so thick and glistening a red that it seemed as if she but recently had completed tearing an ox apart with her naked hands.

  • ... his gestures were awkward to the point of appearing uncoordinated. He used his hands as though they were feet ...

  • He had a round face with owlish eyes and a handshake so full of good intentions it required two hands to execute.

  • And how to paint your lovely hands, fluttering over the silks like two dark birds?

  • The heart is the toughest part of the body. Tenderness is in the hands.

  • ... the hand will often reveal more than the countenance ...

  • Fingers get habits — have memories of their own.

  • Her gaze dropped to her hands, which had started to move around nervously, independently, like small rodents kept as pets.

  • Nervous hands as if the fingers were dripping from them like icicles.

  • He held out his hand, which she took briefly, for it was so cold and limp, it offered nothing in the way of greeting but seemed, rather, to have been extended to inform her of his acquaintance with and indifference to the ordinary forms of courtesy.

  • When I think about my father, the first image that comes to mind is holding his hand as he drove me to the train station six weeks before he died; I had never noticed how beautiful his hands were until I saw them, for the first and last time, entwined in mine.

  • Earlene's handshake consisted of laying her fingers passively across mine. It was like having a half pound of cooked linguini placed in your palm for safekeeping.

  • They say the face tells all there is to know about a life, but I personally believe much can be deduced from the hands. There are lines and scars, bumps and calluses; indeed, the hands are both the sketch and the final work of art.

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  • [In the desert:] On this we shook hands warmly — you can't shake hands anything but warmly when the temperature is 115.

    • ,
    • 1920, in Georgina Howell, Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations ()