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  • We can never understand other people's motives, nor their furniture.

  • Any piece of furniture, I don't care how beautiful it is, has got to be lived with, and kicked about, and rubbed down, and mistreated by servants, and repolished, and knocked around and dusted and sat on or slept in or eaten off of before it develops its real character ... A good deal like human beings.

  • ... for someone such as myself, who is kind of feckless and immature, it's better to have rich friends than to be rich yourself, because then you have wealth without the responsibility. You get to go to their houses, and you get acquainted with a level of furniture that you cannot provide for yourself. Furniture, I think is the most important attribute of rich people.

  • I learned the importance of a man's chair early in life. I learned that he may love several wives, embrace several cars, be true to more than one political philosophy, and be equally committed to several careers, but he will have only one comfortable chair in his life. I learned it will be an ugly chair. It will match nothing in the entire house. It will never wear out.

  • A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless.

  • Our coffee table does its part. / Staunchly it holds objets d'art, / Flowers, books, a dish of toffee, / And, sometimes, although rarely, / Coffee.

  • I love it — I love it; and who shall dare / To chide me for loving that old arm-chair?

    • Eliza Cook,
    • "The Old Arm-Chair," The Poetical Works of Eliza Cook ()
  • ... there is something dangerous about mirrors. ... What dynamite we handle when we lift a mirror or bend towards one! I seldom do.

  • Plastic tables and chairs were scattered about, and there were a couple of settees, which, imperfectly disguised, performed onstage as often as some of the actors and, it must be said, frequently with more conviction.

  • There is a peacefulness, an air of reflection, about a rocking-chair that attaches to no other moving object ...

  • No one chair should be isolated ...

  • 'It seems to be a kind of lounge,' she added, tripping over a small footstool. The floor seemed to be littered with them, like toadstools.