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  • ... what was the right level of prosperity, the level that banished dire need but did not satiate, the level that did not threaten the artist in the individual? And how did one stop when one arrived at it?

  • One man's enough is another's privation.

  • Too few is as many as too many.

  • None of us has ever done enough — or never in the right direction.

  • ... having too much is never enough.

  • When is enough enough? In envy's eyes, enough never is. Somebody else always has something we want.

  • Why, if all the rich men in the world divided up their money amongst themselves, there wouldn't be enough to go round.

  • Believing in our hearts that who we are is enough is the key to a more satisfying and balanced life.

  • As the twentieth century draws to a close it has become obvious that material yardsticks alone cannot serve as an adequate measure of human well-being. Even as basic an issue as poverty has to be re-examined to take into account the psychological sense of deprivation that makes people feel poor.

  • I, like Shenfu, do not want anything else; it would be adding feet to a snake.

  • One thing life's taught me, Mr. Mendoza, is that all you need is enough. You can't eat more than one meal at a time ...

  • I do not like new things of any kind, not even a new gown, far less a new acquaintance, therefore make as few as possible; one can but have one's heart and hands full, and mine are. I have love and work enough to last me the rest of my life.

    • Anna Jameson,
    • 1841, in Geraldine Macpherson, Memoirs of the Life of Anna Jameson ()
  • Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what's more than enough.

  • Enough is plenty.

  • ... an assumption deeply integral to capitalism has been absorbed by all of us, since it is reflected in so much of what we see. I have called this the Scarcity Theory, not enough to go around: not enough love, not enough time, not enough appointments at the foodstamps office, not enough food stamps, not enough money, not enough seats on the subway. It's pervasive. We learn mistrust of each other, bone deep: everything is skin off somebody's nose.

    • Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz,
    • "To Be a Radical Jew in the Late Twentieth Century," in Christian McEwen and Sue O'Sullivan, eds., Out the Other Side ()
  • Enough of anything is plenty, but plenty to some people is never enough.

  • No pleasure or success in life quite meets the capacity of our hearts. We take in our good things with enthusiasm, and think ourselves happy and satisfied; but afterward, when the froth and foam have subsided, we discover that the goblet is not more than half-filled with the golden liquid that was poured into it.

  • 'I don't have time' is the single most frequently given reason for living fractional, perpetually indentured lives, for not living fully or freely. Because time is life, when we say we don't have enough time, we are admitting that we don't have enough life.

  • Spoiled. That's all it's about — can't live without this, can't live without that. You can live without anything you weren't born with, and you can make it through on even half of that.

  • ... enough is as good as a feast.