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  • Human dignity ... is derived from a sense of independence.

  • ... there are no little people, and there are no little jobs.

  • Treat 'em like dogs, and you'll have dogs' works and dogs' actions. Treat 'em like men, and you'll have men's works.

  • It was the face of an earnest noble woman, who had asked God what He wanted her to do, and then hadn't shirked out of doin' it. Who had gripped holt of life's plough, and hadn't looked back because the furrows turned over pretty hard, and the stumps was thick.

  • Why do we hesitate to trust woman free, when she has fulfilled so many precious trusts in bondage?

  • Dignity is an anachronism.

  • ... the fundamental principle [of settlement work] remains: that people shall take up their residence in industrial communities, giving what they may have of public spirit, and partaking of the life about them; preserving their identity as individuals and endeavoring to keep the settlement free from the institutional form of philanthropic work. ... the relationship is reciprocal ...

    • Lillian Wald,
    • "The Nurses' Settlement in New York," in The American Journal of Nursing ()
  • Theories and goals of education don't matter a whit if you don't consider your students to be human beings.

  • Only yield when you must; / Never 'give up the ship,' / But fight on to the last / 'With a stiff upper lip!'

    • Phoebe Cary,
    • "Keep a Stiff Upper Lip," The Poetical Works of Alice and Phoebe Cary ()
  • And though hard be the task, / 'Keep a stiff upper lip!'

    • Phoebe Cary,
    • "Keep a Stiff Upper Lip," The Poetical Works of Alice and Phoebe Cary ()
  • ... dignity is like a perfume; those who use perfumes are scarcely conscious of them.

    • Queen Christina,
    • in Margaret Goldsmith, Christina of Sweden: A Psychological Biography ()
  • We reveal the fullness of our devotion to individualism by keeping it as a reward for full participation in society. For the prisoner, the chronically ill, the bedridden old and the destitute, we reserve the forced collective life.

    • Elaine Cumming,
    • "Allocation of Care to the Mentally Ill, American Style," in Mayer N. Said, ed., Organizing for Community Welfare ()
  • Our family never had any hard luck, because nothing seemed hard luck to it, nor was it ever disgraced for there was nothing which it would acknowledge as disgrace.