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  • The word communist, of course, has become a rallying cry for certain people here just as the word Jew was in Hitler's Germany, a way of arousing emotion without engendering thought.

  • His [Marx's] most explosive and indeed most original contribution to the cause of revolution was that he interpreted the compelling needs of mass poverty in political terms as an uprising, not for the sake of bread or wealth, but for the sake of freedom as well.

  • Communism is ... Fascism with a human face.

    • Susan Sontag,
    • speech (1982) in support of Poland's Solidarity movement, in Richard Lacayo, "Stand Aside, Sisyphus," Time ()
  • I am not so repelled by Communism: an element of Communism in politics is necessary and inevitable. In any involved society there must be a feeling that something must be done about poverty — which is the basis of communism.

    • Rebecca West,
    • in Victoria Glendinning, "Talk With Rebecca West," The New York Times Book Review ()
  • To be a Marxist does not mean that one becomes a Communist party member. There are as many varieties of Marxists as there are of Protestants.

  • The costliest myth of our time has been the myth of the Communist monolith.

  • In my opinion, communism has all the same fault that religions have: too many fixed ideas.

    • Marian Sherman,
    • in Sylvia Fraser, "What Makes an Atheist Tick?" in Toronto Star Weekly ()
  • The American Communist Party was notoriously infiltrated by informers, some working for the FBI, some for capitalist employers. At one time it used to be said that spies practically kept the Party going with their dues and contributions.

  • Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals [with] no cure except as a guillotine might be called a cure for dandruff.

  • Such pip-squeaks as Nixon and McCarthy are trying to get us so frightened of Communism that we'll be afraid to turn out the lights at night.

  • The ... irrational fear of communism is being deliberately used in many quarters to blind us to our real problems.

  • I know 'bout as much about communism as a horse knows about Christmas. ... If they ain't calling you a Communist, you ain't doing your job.