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  • Those who turn to God for comfort may find comfort but I do not think they will find God.

  • We don't get enough pampering. If we were once the only child of an adoring mother, we developed a taste for it; if not, we developed a thirst for it.

  • One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats ...

  • Give me a well-cooked, well-served meal, a bouquet, and a sunset, and I can do more for a man's soul than all the cant ever preached. I can even do it without a sunset!

  • If he paid for each day's comfort with the small change of his illusions, he grew daily to value the comfort more and set less store upon the coin.

  • There was something immensely comforting, I found, about a crumpet — so comforting that I've never forgotten about them and have even learned to make them myself against those times when I have no other source of supply.

  • ... a hot bath! How exquisite a vespertine pleasure, how luxurious, fervid and flagrant a consolation for the rigors, the austerities, the renunciations of the day.

  • Ever since her childhood she had always begun to work at her chest of drawers when any sudden shock unnerved her. After a great happiness she took up her trowel and dug among the flowers of the garden; but when her heart was heavy within her, she shut her door and put her clothes to rights.

  • One sits uncomfortably on a too comfortable cushion.

  • ... I'll make her a pudding, and a pudding she'll like, too ... Many a one has been comforted in their sorrow by seeing a good dish come upon the table.

  • Davy had no sorrows that plum jam could not cure.

  • Sometimes Lily sobbed inconsolably, leaving Cora to kiss her and rock her and ask her in frustration, 'What's the matter? What can I get you?' like a waiter with a background in psychology and an over-developed instinct for consolation.

  • Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold.

  • Comfort me with apples! / For lo! I am sick; I am sad and opprest; / I come back to the place where, a child, I was blest. / Hope is false, love is vain, for the old things I sigh; / And if these cannot comfort me, then I must die! / Comfort me with apples!

    • Phoebe Cary,
    • "Homesick," Poems of Faith, Hope, and Love ()
  • Try tropic for your balm, / Try storm, / After storm, calm. / Try snow of heaven, heavy, soft and slow, / Brilliant and warm. / Nothing will help, and nothing do much harm.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Try Tropic (For a Sick Generation)," Calling Western Union ()
  • You cannot settle a new country without suffering, exposure, and danger. Cheerful endurance of hardships and contempt of surroundings become a virtue in a pioneer. Comfort is a comparatively new thing in the United States.

  • Soup not only warms you and is easy to swallow and to digest, it also creates the illusion in the back of your mind that Mother is there.

  • ... Americans ... attach such a fantastic importance to their baths and plumbing and gadgets of all sorts. They talk as if people could hardly be human beings without all that; we in Europe are beginning to wonder if people can be human beings with it ...

  • ... the small amenities and sensualities of life are more comforting in a crisis than any philosophy. She was fond of saying that there was no tragedy in this world that could not softened a little by a hot bath, a cup of strong coffee, and a good cigarette, while a couple of cocktails and a well-cooked dinner would mend a broken heart.

  • 'Farewell' is not the word that you would like to hear from your mother as you are being led to the dungeon by two oversize mice in black hoods. Words that you would like to hear are 'Take me instead. I will go to the dungeon in my son's place.' There is a great deal of comfort in those words.

  • We do not want to think. We do not want to hear. We do not care about anything. Only give us a good dinner and plenty of money, and let us outshine our neighbors. There is the Nineteenth Century Gospel.

  • It was the first time he'd ever seen the family like this, all together, not entertaining, completely themselves, relaxed and at ease like people in dressing gowns and slippers.

  • I define comfort as self-acceptance. When we finally learn that self-care begins and ends with ourselves, we no longer demand sustenance and happiness from others.

  • Comfort, however, easily merges into license.

  • ... I have still the best comforts of life — books and friendships — and I trust never to lose my relish for either.

    • Mary Russell Mitford,
    • 1851, in Henry Chorley, ed., Letters of Mary Russell Mitford, 2nd series, vol. 2 ()
  • I can understand the things that afflict mankind, but I often marvel at those which console.

  • Who has not realized that there are times when the most comforting thought that can come is, that 'there is somebody else who cares?'

  • I have grown weary of dust and decay, / Weary of flinging my heart's wealth away — / Weary of sowing for others to reap; / Rock me to sleep, mother, rock me to sleep.

  • The whole message of American society — television — is you do not have to bear any discomfort.

  • We all find means of anesthesia.