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  • ... militarism ... is one of the chief bulwarks of capitalism, and the day that militarism is undermined, capitalism will fail.

  • ... the greatest capitalist innovations of this past decade have been in the realm of squeezing money out of those who have little to spare: taking away workers' pensions and benefits to swell profits, offering easy credit on dubious terms, raising insurance premiums and refusing to insure those who might ever make a claim, downsizing workforces to boost share prices, even falsifying time records to avoid paying overtime.

  • One of the first things we must get rid of is the idea that democracy is tantamount to capitalism.

  • ... the greatest bulwark of capitalism is militarism.

  • You can't be a feminist and a capitalist.

  • ... in a socialist country you can get rich by providing necessities, while in a capitalist country you can get rich by providing luxuries.

  • By definition, design, and practice, capitalism is a system that concentrates economic power in the hands of the few to the exclusion of the many.

  • Thus I came to condemn capitalism, not through any oppression endured by me personally, but through that very deification of efficiency which capitalism had taught me, for its own purposes.

  • ... churches, like all the rest of our major institutions, are rooted in capitalism. For a church to attack capitalism is to 'bite the hand that feeds it.'

  • Capitalism has never found the moral principle on which it must stand. We have stood on it in fact, we have built our entire civilization upon it — but what we have preached and believed has been its exact opposite. The results are now destroying the world.

    • Ayn Rand,
    • 1943, in Michael S. Berliner, ed., Letters of Ayn Rand ()
  • I am going to fight capitalism even if it kills me. It is wrong that people like you should be comfortable and well fed while all around you people are starving.

    • Sylvia Pankhurst,
    • speech (1921), in David Mitchell, The Fighting Pankhursts ()
  • Our political system — democracy — has been polluted by our economic system — capitalism. In fact, we run the United States as if capitalism were our political system.

  • What we have been living for three decades is frontier capitalism, with the frontier constantly shifting location from crisis to crisis, moving on as soon as the law catches up.