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  • I know that we live after death and again and again, not in the memory of our children, or as a mulch for trees and flowers, however poetic that may be, but looking passionately and egocentrically out of our eyes.

  • The world is a vaporous jest at best, / Tossed off by the gods in laughter; / And a cruel attempt at wit were it. / If nothing better came after.

  • This World is not Conclusion. / A Species stands beyond — / Invisible, as Music — / But positive, as Sound.

    • Emily Dickinson,
    • c. 1862, in Thomas H. Johnson, ed., The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson ()
  • In heaven they will bore you, in hell you will bore them.

  • All that is buried is not dead.

  • Life! we've been long together, / Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; / 'Tis hard to part when friends are dear, / Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear; / Then steal away, give little warning; / Choose thine own time; / Say not 'Good-night'; but in some brighter clime/ Bid me 'Good-morning.'

  • I had never been able to believe that God would give us poor frail humans only one chance at making it — that we would be assigned to some kind of hell because we failed during one experience of mortal life. ... So the concepts of karma and reincarnation made logical sense to me.

    • Jane Goodall,
    • in Jane Goodall with Phillip Berman, Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey
  • ... I came then to a conviction that has never left me: that there is too much for me to attend to in this mortal life without overspeculation on the immortal, that it is not necessary to my peace of mind or to my effort to be a decent and useful person, to have a definite assurance about the affairs of the next world.

  • Personally, I am convinced the human personality does survive the change which we call death. Although we have no scientific evidence of this at present, there is no reason to suppose it will always be lacking.

  • If it is finally accepted that the personality in whole or part survives death — and I believe that it will be — then such a belief will be considered as modern as a belief in spaceships and rockets.

  • He [Christ] even restored the severed ear of the soldier who came to arrest Him — a fact that allows us to hope the resurrection will reflect a considerable attention to detail.

  • In the economy of nature nothing is ever lost. I cannot believe that the soul of man shall prove the one exception.

    • Gene Stratton-Porter,
    • in Jeannette Porter Meehan, The Lady of the Limberlost: Life and Letters of Gene Stratton-Porter ()
  • ... death, this inescapable mark of human finitude, is in fact the experience that raises all the questions about infinity.

  • Sometimes I think the resurrection of the body, unless much improved in construction, a mistake!

    • Evelyn Underhill,
    • 1936, in Charles Williams, ed., The Letters of Evelyn Underhill ()
  • There must be something after. You see, we have such longings, such great longings, they can't be for nothing ...

    • Jean Rhys,
    • in Carole Angier, Jean Rhys ()
  • I want to go on living even after my death!

  • ... in speculating on the life to come I think the secret cry of all of us would be, 'Let me remain myself — able to meet and recognize those I love as themselves, else — in plain truth — I would not care for any after-life at all.'

  • Things are so beautiful and wonderful, you feel there must be another life where you will see more — hear more — and know more. All of it cannot die.

    • Kate Greenaway,
    • in Marion Harry Spielmann and George Somes Layard, Kate Greenaway ()
  • Though nought of me remains save smoke drawn out across the windless sky, yet shall I drift to thee unerringly amid the trackless fields of space.

  • I'm going to dance in all the galaxies.