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Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

  • ... she's just been pointed one way all her life, and going one way, and now she's getting nearer the end of the road, she's pointed sharper and she's going faster.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "A Patient Waiter," A Humble Romance ()
  • ... it took her a long time to prepare her tea; but when ready it was set forth with as much grace as if she had been a veritable guest to her own self.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • title story, A New England Nun ()
  • Nobility of character manifests itself at loop-holes when it is not provided with large doors.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Revolt of 'Mother'," A New England Nun ()
  • Every builder builds somewhat for unknown purposes, and is in a measure a prophet.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Revolt of 'Mother'," A New England Nun ()
  • Any deviation from the ordinary course of life in this quiet town was enough to stop all progress in it.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Revolt of 'Mother'," A New England Nun ()
  • Deborah never yielded to any of the vicissitudes of life; she met them in fair fight like enemies, and vanquished them, not with trumpet and spear, but with daily duties.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • Pembroke
    • ()
  • All Hannah Berry's thoughts slid, as it were, in well-greased grooves; only give one a starting push and it went on indefinitely and left all others behind ...

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • Pembroke
    • ()
  • He was filled with that great peace of possession which causes a man to feel that he is safe from the ills of life.

  • When a man or a woman holds fast to youth, even if successfully, there is something of the pitiful and the tragic involved. It is the everlasting struggle of the soul to retain the joy of earth, whose fleeing distinguishes it from heaven, and whose retention is not accomplished without an inner knowledge of its futility.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Amethyst Comb," The Copy Cat ()
  • ... sometimes duties act on the soul like weeds on a flower. They crowd it out.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Balking of Christopher," The Copy Cat ()
  • Well, I have one thing to be thankful for — the rooster that lived next door, that didn't know how to crow, but crowed all the same every three minutes, has been executed and cooked. So there are always mercies if we only see them.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • 1886, in Brent L. Kendrick, ed., The Infant Sphinx: Collected Letters of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman ()
  • The Cat was a creature of absolute convictions, and his faith in his deductions never varied.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "The Cat," in Roger Caras, ed., Treasury of Great Cat Stories ()
  • They had been ... happy and contented, with that negative kind of happiness and contentment which comes not from gratified ambition, but a lack of ambition itself.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,
    • "A Mistaken Charity," in Susan Cahill, ed., Among Sisters ()
  • No matter how tired or wretched I am, a pussycat sitting in a doorway can divert my mind.

    • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, U.S. writer

(1852 - 1930)

Full name: Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman.