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Eleanor Clark

  • Rome is ... an impossible compounding of time, in which no century has respect for any other and all hit you in a jumble at every turn ...

  • Rome is everybody's memory ...

  • Even a tourist can tell in a Roman street that he is in something and not outside of something as he would be in most cities. In Rome to go out is to go home.

  • The Roman form of serenade is to race a motorcycle motor under the girl's window, but mufflers are not common in any situation; the only things as dearly loved as a good noise are breakneck speed and eye-splitting lights, preferably neon — all expressions of well-being, like a huge belly-laugh.

  • It is like a party all the time; nobody has to worry about giving one or being invited; it is going on every day in the street and you can go down or be part of it from your window ...

  • ... there is a shock of freshness to it. Intimations of the ages of man, some piercing intuition of the sea and all its weeds and breezes shiver you a split second from that little stimulus on the palate. You are eating the sea ...

  • Music or the color of the sea are easier to describe than the taste of one of these Armoricaines ...

  • I think you write only out of a great trouble. A trouble of excitement, a trouble of enlargement, a trouble of displacement in yourself.

    • Eleanor Clark,
    • in Roy Newquist, Conversations ()
  • The fresh start is always an illusion but a necessary one.

  • Shame can be self-indulgence too.

  • Doubt remains a luxury I won't do without.

  • How smartly September comes in, like a racing gig, all style, no confusion.

  • Anybody who's against birth control and abortion has to be a criminal idiot.

  • To be first-rate at anything you have to stake your all. Nobody's an artist 'on the side.'

Eleanor Clark, U.S. writer

(1913 - 1996)