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Anne Ellis

  • I will use a form of punctuation of my own, which will be something like this — when one is beginning he takes a long breath, for this use a capital. When he stops for breath, a comma, and when it is all gone, a period. Don't know the use of a semi-colon, but expect it is when one thinks he is out of breath and isn't.

  • I could never tell if it was Opportunity or the Wolf knocking.

  • Many people believe in turning the other cheek, especially when it is your cheek.

  • Give me a well-cooked, well-served meal, a bouquet, and a sunset, and I can do more for a man's soul than all the cant ever preached. I can even do it without a sunset!

  • I find when death comes, it is usually a woman that is called for.

  • [On the death of her nine-year-old:] Hundreds of times you start to put on their place at the table, or plan for clothes — she will have this; but the keenest of all is when it is stormy, and you think this one is safe here or there, for a moment it flashes in your mind — that she isn't in yet.

  • ... I saw a small boy who belongs to one of those large families who only practice at birth control.

  • I sewed good wishes and thoughts into my garments, especially so if they were wedding or graduation dresses.

  • To cook, and to do it well, every talent must be used; the strength of a prize-fighter, the imagination of a poet, the brain of an empire builder, the patience of Job, the eye and the touch of an artist, and, to turn your mistakes into edible assets, the cleverness of a politician.

  • Verily, affluence brings anxiety!

  • I, who fall short in managing my own affairs, can see just how it would profit my neighbor if I managed his.

  • ... I feel far more hunger pangs when I am denied mental nourishment than I do at the loss of meals.

  • I've never known a man to be beaten fairly, nor one to be elected, unfairly.

  • Those who live on vanity must, not unreasonably, expect to die of mortification.

    • Anne Ellis,
    • in Martha Lupton, The Speaker's Desk Book ()

Anne Ellis, U.S. writer

(1875 - 1938)