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  • I was terrified, as I had never before been in such a dark hole. What a difficult time it was! With the crowd the heat was stifling ...

    • Perpetua,
    • before being thrown to the lions, in Joyce E. Salisbury, Perpetua's Passion ()
  • I nursed my baby, who was faint from hunger.

    • Perpetua,
    • in Joyce E. Salisbury, Perpetua's Passion ()
  • ... my father spoke out of love for me, kissing my hands and throwing himself down before me. With tears in his eyes he no longer addressed me as his daughter but as a woman. I was sorry for my father's sake, because he alone of all my kin would be unhappy to see me suffer. I tried to comfort him saying: 'It will all happen in the prisoner's dock as God wills; for you may be sure that we are not left to ourselves; we are all in his power.' And he left me in great sorrow.

    • Perpetua,
    • refusing to renounce her faith, in Joyce E. Salisbury, Perpetua's Passion ()
  • We were condemned to the beasts, and we returned to prison in high spirits.

    • Perpetua,
    • after being sentenced to death, in Joyce E. Salisbury, Perpetua's Passion ()
  • I realized that it was not with wild animals that I would fight but with the Devil, but I knew that I would win the victory.

    • Perpetua,
    • analyzing a dream from the night before her death, in Joyce E. Salisbury, Perpetua's Passion ()

Perpetua, Roman martyr

(181 - 203)

Family name: Vibia (feminine version). This 22-year-old married woman and new mother refused to renounce her Christianity and was sentenced to the amphitheater and wild beasts; surviving that, she was slain by one of the Roman soldiers who replaced the beasts. She is often associated with Felicity, another Christian in the group with her.