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Joanna Russ

  • When one culture has the big guns and the other has none, there is a certain predictablity about the outcome.

    • Joanna Russ,
    • "When It Changed," in Harland Ellison, ed., Again Dangerous Visions ()
  • ... chastity is not given once and for all like a wedding ring that is put on never to be taken off, but is a garden which each day must be weeded, watered, and trimmed anew, or soon there will be only brambles and wilderness.

    • Joanna Russ,
    • Souls
    • ()
  • She didn't write it. She wrote it, but she shouldn't have. She wrote it, but look what she wrote about. She wrote it, but 'she' isn't really an artist and 'it' isn't really serious, of the right genre — i.e., really art. She wrote it, but she wrote only one of it. She wrote it, but it's only interesting/included in the canon for one, limited reason. She wrote it, but there are very few of her.

  • To act in a way that is both sexist and racist, to maintain one's class privilege, it is only necessary to act in the customary, ordinary, usual, even polite manner.

  • Minority art, vernacular art, is marginal art. Only on the margins does growth occur.

  • 'Uncritical support' is a contradiction in terms.

    • Joanna Russ,
    • "Power and Helplessness in the Women's Movement," in Christian McEwen and Sue O'Sullivan, eds., Out the Other Side ()
  • Real artists, it seems to me, are those who don't repeat themselves.

    • Joanna Russ,
    • in Donna Perry, ed., Backtalk ()
  • Art is collective. Always, it has a tradition behind it.

    • Joanna Russ,
    • in Donna Perry, ed., Backtalk ()
  • In any politics worth the name, 'I' can do infinitely less than 'we.'

    • Joanna Russ,
    • Clara Fraser, Revolution, She Wrote ()

Joanna Russ, U.S. critic, writer

(1937 - 2011)