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Zoë Akins

  • I am the wind that wavers, / You are the certain land; / I am the shadow that passes / Over the sand.

    • Zoë Akins,
    • "I Am the Wind," Interpretations ()
  • Remember me as one who loved awhile / Life, and the splendid merriment I had ... / A runner laughing down the fleeting mile.

    • Zoë Akins,
    • "From Thee So Far," Interpretations ()
  • To accuse is so easy that it is infamous to do so where proof is impossible!

  • Nothing seems so tragic to one who is old as the death of one who is young, and this alone proves that life is a good thing.

    • Zoë Akins,
    • The Portrait of Tiero
    • ()
  • Shutting one's eyes is an art, my dear. I suppose there's no use trying to make you see that — but that's the only way one can stay married.

  • The Greeks had a word for it.

    • Zoë Akins,
    • play title ()
  • So many things are lost / From even memory — / Forgetting is the cost / Of living cheerfully.

    • Zoë Akins,
    • title poem, The Hills Grow Smaller ()
  • So much do I love wandering, / So much I love the sea and sky, / That it will be a piteous thing / In one small grave to lie!

    • Zoë Akins,
    • "The Wanderer," The Hills Grow Smaller ()
  • Ah, the homesickness — / Not for a home which I have left, / But for the strange places! / The nostalgia — / not of memories / But of what has never been!

    • Zoë Akins,
    • "The Tomorrows," The Hills Grow Smaller ()

Zoë Akins, U.S. playwright, poet, writer, screenwriter, Pulitzer winner

(1886 - 1958)

Full name: Zoë Byrd Akins Rumbold.