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Margaret A. Barnes

  • It's a great shame that the world was organized with two sexes. It makes for a lot of trouble.

  • She regarded divorce as a practical aid to monogamous living.

  • The trouble with education is that we always read everything when we're too young to know what it means. And the trouble with life is that we're always too busy to re-read it later.

  • Resisted temptations become lost opportunities ...

  • There's nothing in all the world as much fun as talk. When you're talking, that is, with the right person.

  • It's not the end of the world.

  • Respect for the spoken word, Cicily, is the greatest safeguard in life against catastrophe.

  • Curious, isn't it, that 'talking with the right people' means something so very different from 'talking with the right person'?

  • 'You don't have to read books, Jane,' said her mother with dignity, 'to know that they shouldn't be read. This book is very unpleasant.'

  • All wars are crusades, or we're made to feel they are. That's just what's so wicked about them. We're made to feel — not think — and people can't think when they feel.

  • The martial spirit is never dead. It sleeps through fortunate generations, but it wakes up very quickly to the toot of a fife. There's that roistering spirit in men which leads them to think a good fight is a lark — until they've been in one. And the impulse to fight for your own incarnation of an ideal.

  • Character is the best security.

  • Riches make cowards of us ...

  • All banks should be under government control. Deposits guaranteed, dividends reduced, officials turned into state servants taking their orders from Washington ...

  • ... Jean's investigations have convinced her that the mean intelligence quotient increases with the order of birth.

  • ... I've almost come to feel that it doesn't make much difference what you believe in — the thing that's important is a state of belief. It's much better to believe in nonsense than in nothing ...

Margaret A. Barnes, U.S. writer

(1886 - 1967)

Full name: Margaret Ayer Barnes.