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Edith M. Thomas

  • ... throughout the winter, nature's active and crescent principle seems never held wholly in abeyance. From time to time, some precocious member of a dormant family, plant or animal, may be observed awake and stirring, as one who, having much on hand to accomplish, makes an early start by candle-light.

  • The old trees have recorded another year, letting out their tough bark girdles to accommodate the new layer of muscle and adipose.

  • What mighty battles have I seen and heard waged between the trees and the west wind — an Iliad fought in the fields of air.

  • The god of music dwelleth out of doors.

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "Music," Lyrics and Sonnets ()
  • The spirit of the year, like bacchant crowned, / With lighted torch goes careless on his way; / And soon bursts into flame the maple's spray, / And vines are running fire along the ground.

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "Autumn," Lyrics and Sonnets ()
  • To Death I yield, but not to Doubt, who slays before!

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "Doubt," A Winter Swallow ()
  • Whoever hath shelter, whoever hath store, / Slide the bolt of the grudging door; / Be the poor with us, lest they should die — / Hark, how the wolves of the wind rush by!

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "The Wolves of the Wind," The Dancers ()
  • Treasure the shadow. ... There are no shadows save from substance cast.

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "Mirage," The Dancers ()
  • We are old — it must be so, / Oft they say it — they must know.

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "We Are Old," Selected Poems ()
  • They will not be so long from dawn to dark, / The few, — the golden-few days that remain! / ... How I do prize the few days that remain!

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "The Days That Remain," Selected Poems ()
  • The love of my life came not / As love unto others is cast; / For mine was a secret wound — / But the wound grew a pearl, at last.

    • Edith M. Thomas,
    • "The Deep-Sea Pearl," Selected Poems ()

Edith M. Thomas, U.S. poet, writer

(1854 - 1925)

Full name: Edith Matilda Thomas.