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Maureen Duffy

  • ... love ... is ... the only effective counter to death.

  • The pain of love is the pain of being alive. It's a perpetual wound.

  • In all dying our ages are the same.

    • Maureen Duffy,
    • "Der Rosenkavalier," The Venus Touch ()
  • I am beset with a dream of fair woman, / Lunatic for Venus flesh ...

    • Maureen Duffy,
    • "Aria for Midsummer's Eve," The Venus Touch ()
  • We all have to rise in the end, not just one or two who were smart enough, had will enough for their own salvation, but all the halt, the maimed and the blind of us which is most of us.

  • ... all deaths are one's own.

  • How can you be more subject; black woman in a white man's world?

  • Society isn't a simple organism with one nucleus and a fringe of little feet, it's an infinitely complex living structure and if you try to suppress any part of it by that much, and perhaps more, you diminish, you mutilate the whole.

  • We develop all our sciences, archeology, cosmology, psychology, we tabulate and classify and cling to our sacred definitions, our divisions, without any attempt to synthesis, without the humility to see that these are only parts of a total knowledge. ... But somehow we ought to be able to keep the idea of the totality of experience and knowledge at the back of our minds even though the front's busy from morning til night with the life cycle of the liver fluke.

  • Thought is never free. It is bought in pain, / loneliness. Comfort clothes conformity. / Thought's a dole child, threadbare with fallibility / patched pants braced up with reason's tangled twine ...

    • Maureen Duffy,
    • "For The Freethinker Centenary," Collected Poems ()

Maureen Duffy, English poet, playwright, novelist


Full name: Maureen Patricia Duffy