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Elizabeth Kolbert

  • [On the birther movement:] Here we are, quadrillions of bytes deep into the Information Age. And yet information, it seems, has never mattered less.

    • Elizabeth Kolbert,
    • in The New Yorker ()
  • Several decades ago, a detachment of the American right cut itself loose from reason, and it has been drifting along happily ever since. If the birthers are more evidently kooky than the global-warming 'skeptics' or the death-panellers or the supply-siders or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, they are, in their fundamental disregard for the facts, actually mainstream.

    • Elizabeth Kolbert,
    • in The New Yorker ()
  • Of the many species that have existed on earth — estimates run as high as fifty billion — more than ninety-nine per cent have disappeared. In the light of this, it is sometimes joked that all of life today amounts to little more than a rounding error.

    • Elizabeth Kolbert,
    • "The Sixth Exctinction?" The New Yorker ()
  • Most of the world’s major waterways have been diverted or dammed or otherwise manipulated — in the United States, only two per cent of rivers run unimpeded — and people now use half the world’s readily accessible freshwater runoff.

    • Elizabeth Kolbert,
    • "Sixth Extinction?" The New Yorker ()

Elizabeth Kolbert, U.S. journalist, writer