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Carol Matthau

  • [To her husband who had asked the age of a flirtatious starlet with noticeably thick legs:] For God's sake, Walter, why don't you chop off her legs and read the rings?

    • Carol Matthau,
    • in Truman Capote, Answered Prayers ()
  • ... it was first love. There's no love like that. I don't wish it on a soul. I don't hate anyone enough.

  • There can be no great love without exclusivity.

  • I don't think marriages break up because of what you do to each other. They break up because of what you must become in order to stay in them.

  • ... a man is very revealed by his wife, just as a woman is revealed by her husband. People never marry beneath or above themselves, I assure you.

  • Hate is funny. Love isn't. Love can kill you. Hate can keep you alive.

  • Looking out of a hospital window is different from looking out of any other. Somehow you do not see outside.

  • ... when you speak of other people's marriages, you are, of course, saying something about your own.

  • Wars are started by the truth. Peace is proclaimed with lies.

  • I know the dying process begins the minute we are born, but sometimes it accelerates during dinner parties.

  • You do know when people say 'chic,' they mean thin.

  • The freedom to make mistakes is the one and only bonus of getting old.

  • I did not survive everything. No one ever does. Little pieces of you — sometimes the best of you — get lost in a little lie here, a little joke there. And of course, the aftereffect is the tiny sob — unseen, unheard, deeply felt.

  • There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you.

Carol Matthau, U.S. actor, writer

(1924 - 2003)

Full name: Carol Grace Marcus Saroyan Matthau.