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Kathleen Raine

  • Oh Love forgive the happiness / That overgrows and seals my grief.

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • "The Healing Spring," Stone and Flower ()
  • Let in the wound, / Let in the pain, / Let in your child tonight.

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • "Northumbrian Sequence," The Year One ()
  • Home, home, / Strayed ones home, / Rabbit to burrow / Fox to earth, / Mouse to the wainscot, / Rat to the barn, / Cattle to the byre, / Dog to the hearth, / All beasts home!

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • "Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home," The Year One ()
  • Home, home, / Wanderers home, / ... / Boys and girls / From the roads come home, / ... / Young ones home!

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • "Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home," The Year One ()
  • Death is the last / Secret implicit within you, the hidden, the deepest / Knowledge of all you will ever unfold / In this body of earth.

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • "Introspection," The Year One ()
  • Meanings, moods, the whole scale of our inner experience, finds in nature the 'correspondences' through which we may know our boundless selves.

  • Nature is the common, universal language, understood by all.

  • Being a poet is not a job or a profession but a way of life.

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • in Shusha Guppy, Looking Back ()
  • Academia is a graveyard of poets.

    • Kathleen Raine,
    • in Shusha Guppy, Looking Back ()
  • Of all the arts the living of a life is perhaps the greatest; to live every moment of life with the same imaginative commitment as the poet brings to a special field.

    • Kathleen Raine
  • It was not the purpose of poetry to record anything and everything, to merely describe either the outer world or some subjective mood, but to speak from the imagination of the poet to the imagination of the reader.

    • Kathleen Raine
  • Poetry is not an end in itself but in the service of life; of what use are poems, or any other works of art, unless to enable human lives to be lived with insight of a deeper kind, with more sensitive feelings, more intense sense of the beautiful, with deeper understanding?

    • Kathleen Raine
  • ... the poem reminds us of what we ourselves know, but did not know we knew; reminds us, above all, of what we are.

    • Kathleen Raine
  • The work of the artist is to heal the soul.

    • Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine, English poet, critic

(1908 - 2003)

Full name: Kathleen Jessie Raine.