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Julia Dorr

  • O darkest Year! O brightest Year! / O changeful Year of joy and woe, / To-day we stand beside thy bier, / Still loth to let thee go!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "1865," Poems ()
  • The year grows rich as it groweth old, / And life's latest sands are its sands of gold!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "To the 'Bouquet Club'," Poems ()
  • ... how old am I? You must tell. / Just as old as I seem to you!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "My Birthday," Poems ()
  • Grass grows at last above all graves ...

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "Grass-Grown," Poems ()
  • When souls before Thee reverently bow, / Oh, carest Thou what name the lips breathe low / Jove, or Osiris, or the God Unknown ... ?

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "Thy Name," Poems ()
  • O Earth! art thou not weary of thy graves? / Dear, patient mother Earth, upon thy breast / How are they heaped from farthest east to west!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "O Earth! Art Thou Not Weary?" Poems ()
  • A new beatitude I write for thee, / 'Blessed are they who are not sure of things' ...

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "A New Beatitude," Poems ()
  • Wake, Rosalie! Awake! arise!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "From Exile," Poems ()
  • Summer days are over! / O my one true lover, / Sit we now alone together / In the early autumn weather! / From our nest the birds have flown / To fair dreamlands of their own, / And we see the days go by, / In silence — thou and I!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "Thou and I," Poems ()
  • Life hath its phases manifold, / Yet still the new repeats the old; / There is no truer truth than this: / What was, is still the thing that is.

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "The First Fire," Poems ()
  • ... come what may, / I have had my day!

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "Come What May," Poems ()
  • Stars will blossom in the darkness, / Violets bloom beneath the snow.

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "For A Silver Wedding," Poems ()
  • April's rare capricious loveliness.

    • Julia Dorr,
    • "November," Poems ()

Julia Dorr, U.S. poet

(1825 - 1913)

Full name: Julia Caroline Ripley Dorr. She also wrote as Caroline Thomas.