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Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

  • The sky is reduced, / A narrow blue ribbon banding the lake. / Someone is wrapping things up.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • "Post Mortem," The Witch and the Weather Report ()
  • I am sitting here in the sun / Watching the kittens playing / And the children playing / And I am convinced / There is nothing worth doing more.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • "Skull Song," Granite Lady ()
  • Old faces will shimmer / Just under the new ones, / Rising, / Just under / The thin skin of a lake.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • "Past," Granite Lady ()
  • That the covers of books / Will open / And the pastel animals / Run loose in the woods / That the cat / Will write in his diary / Dipping his whisker / In ink / That the stars / Will stroll through the sky / Doing their shopping / That the brook / Will erase the mistakes / Of the bank / That the fish / Will rise up on their tails / And sing to the owl / Until he is blinded / With joy, / That the mice / Will grow antlers / And run in the moonlight / In herds / That the four-chambered rocks / Will know themselves / Pulsing with blood / That the sun / Is behind a curtain / Smiling / And will rise / In the morning / Palming it all / Like a great golden mole / The day in his teeth / Like a jewel.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • "Sleeping in the Country," Granite Lady ()
  • When the mind is most empty / It is most full.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • "Fortune Cookies," Granite Lady ()
  • All our loves are first loves.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • Mainland
    • ()
  • Probably writers should forget what it was like to write the last novel, and the one before that, and the one before that, or we should all be plumbers. It must be good to be a plumber. Everyone is happy to see you, and no one reviews your work.

    • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer,
    • in The Los Angeles Times ()

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, U.S. novelist, poet

(1940 - 2011)