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Jane Howard

  • An encounter group is a gathering, for a few hours or a few days, of twelve or eighteen personable, responsible, certifiably normal and temporarily smelly people. Their destination is intimacy, trust and awareness of why they behave as they do in groups; their vehicle is candor.

  • I have come to esteem history as a component of friendships. In my case at least friendships are not igneous but sedimentary.

  • Parents, however old they and we may grow to be, serve among other things to shield us from a sense of our doom. As long as they are around, we can avoid the fact of our mortality; we can still be innocent children.

  • New links must be forged as old ones rust.

  • It has been said of his postcards that they made the Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin look like skywriting.

  • [On Philip Graham, Katharine Graham's husband:] His charm, like type O+ blood, suits everyone ...

    • Jane Howard,
    • "The Power That Didn't Corrupt," in Ms. ()
  • [A good family is] much to all [its] members, but everything to none. Good families are fortresses with many windows and doors to the outer world.

    • Jane Howard,
    • in The Atlantic ()
  • Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

  • The craze for genealogy ... is connected with the epidemic for divorce ... If we can't figure out who our living relatives are, then maybe we'll have more luck with the dead ones.

  • Rituals are vital especially for clans without histories, because they evoke a past, imply a future, and hint at continuity.

  • A friend of the heart is one who perceives me as one of the better versions of myself. We make good music, this friend and I, and good silences, too.

    • Jane Howard,
    • "Making Families of Friends," in Reader's Digest ()
  • Time turns most of us into caricatures of our early selves.

Jane Howard, U.S. writer

(1935 - 1996)

Full name: Jane Temple Howard.