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Georgia Douglas Johnson

  • The heart of a woman falls back with the night, / And enters some alien cage in its plight, / And tries to forget it has dreamed of the stars / While it breaks, breaks, breaks on the sheltering bars.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • title poem, The Heart of a Woman ()
  • The songs of the singer / Are tones that repeat / The cry of the heart / 'Till it ceases to beat.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "The Dreams of the Dream," The Heart of a Woman ()
  • There's nothing in the world that clings / As does a memory that stings; / While happy hours fade and pass, / Like shadows in a looking-glass.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Inevitably," The Heart of a Woman ()
  • The greatest love is that we know, / When life is just an afterglow.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Supreme," The Heart of a Woman ()
  • Beneath incrusted silences, a seething Etna lies, / The fire of whose furnaces may sleep — but never dies!

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Prejudice," Bronze ()
  • Let's say 'Good-bye' / Nor wait Love's latest breath / ... / For it is best to part / While Love's low light still burns / Within the heart!

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Good-Bye," An Autumn Love Cycle ()
  • Oh for the veils, for the veils of my youth, / Shielding my heart from the blaze of the truth!

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Illusion," An Autumn Love Cycle ()
  • I wonder — / ... / If memories / Are bliss enough / To make the dregs — divine!

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Illusion," An Autumn Love Cycle ()
  • There's nothing certain, nothing sure / Save sorrow.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Joy," An Autumn Love Cycle ()
  • Let's build bridges here and there / Or sometimes, just a spiral stair ...

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Interracial," in Langston Hughes and Arna Bontemps, eds., The Poetry of the Negro 1746-1949 ()
  • I want to die while you love me, / While yet you hold me fair, / ... / I want to die while you love me. / Oh! who would care to live / Till love has nothing more to ask, / And nothing more to give.

  • Your world is as big as you make it. / I know, for I used to abide. / In the narrowest nest in a corner, / My wings pressing close to my side.

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "Your World," Share My World ()
  • And who shall separate the dust / Which later we shall be: / ... / Will mankind lie apart, / When life has settled back again / The same as from the start?

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • "The Common Dust," in Arnold Adoff, ed., The Poetry of Black America ()
  • Is there not a way by which the man who can think can be enabled to have time to think?

    • Georgia Douglas Johnson,
    • letter (1928), in Gloria T. Hull, Color, Sex & Poetry ()

Georgia Douglas Johnson, U.S. poet

(1880 - 1966)