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Eleanor Holmes Norton

  • The only way to make sure people you agree with can speak is to support the rights of people you don't agree with.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • in The New York Post ()
  • On the road to equality there is no better place for blacks to detour around American values than in foregoing its example in the treatment of its women and the organization of its family life.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • "For Sadie and Maude," in Robin Morgan, ed., Sisterhood Is Powerful ()
  • With children no longer the universally accepted reason for marriage, marriages are going to have to exist on their own merits.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • "For Sadie and Maude," in Robin Morgan, ed., Sisterhood Is Powerful ()
  • Racial oppression of black people in America has done what neither class oppression or sexual oppression, with all their perniciousness, has ever done: destroyed an entire people and their culture.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • "For Sadie and Maude," in Robin Morgan, ed., Sisterhood Is Powerful ()
  • One ought to be against racism and sexism because they are wrong, not because one is black or one is female.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • in Brian Lanker, I Dream a World ()
  • The spread of feminism is the most spectacular, extraordinary phenomenon in the last twenty years, and I believe we will accomplish our goals in a million different ways.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • 1983, in Helen S. Aston and Carole Leland, eds., Women of Influence, Women of Vision ()
  • In Congress, it's really interesting to hear these folks who don't want to do anything about it now criticize you for only wanting to talk about it ... Our answer has to be, you can't possibly do anything about race if you don't talk about it.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    • in Ella Mazel, ed., "And Don't Call Me a Racist!" ()
  • The essence of a free life is being able to choose the style of living you prefer free from exclusion and without the compulsion of conformity or law.

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton
  • You can't win what you don't fight for.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, U.S. lawyer, civil rights worker, public official