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Evalyn Walsh McLean

  • It does not matter how other people treat you. That is their lookout. The only real thing is how you treat them. Give love out, but do not worry and expect any in return, and you will be happy and contented.

  • ... a lady could do, so I was told, just about nothing that she might want to do except attend all parties.

  • Confidence, to my way of thinking, generally is all the magic needed to work miracles.

  • It seems to me that even the least of the human race is touched with genius when mad with love.

  • ... he was just about a dozen men packaged as one jealous husband. He was so changeable that at times I felt quite polyandrous.

  • I was becoming more cunning than an animal in hiding my supply of morphine. A squirrel saving nuts is limited by its undeveloped imagination ... but I was not so handicapped. A squirrel, for example, is debarred from sending money to some greedy doctor or druggist and making arrangements to have a bit of powder sent each day by mail.

  • [On her morphine addiction:] I was meant to 'taper off.' At times I felt such pains as must afflict a creature while a bigger beast eats and claws at its middle. God-awful things were hiding underneath my bed, and it was no use telling me they were not there — I knew they were, and felt their dreadful ever-changing shapes.

  • The one continuing problem in my life has always had the shape of just one question: What amusing thing can I do next?

  • Power is a test — the test — of character.

  • Money and electricity are much alike. Both are stored energy. Living amidst electricity, using it constantly, you take its presence and its utility for granted. Treated with respect, it is constructive, tireless. Treated with disrespect, it is destructive, vicious. It will light your way, pull a twelve-car train from Washington to New York in a bit more than four hours, kill you or burn your house alike. Electricity is insulated, though, and children are not permitted to play with it.

Evalyn Walsh McLean, U.S. mining heir, socialite

(1886 - 1947)