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Peggy Guggenheim

  • I have no memory. I always say to my friends, 'Don't tell me anything you don't want repeated. I just can't remember not to.'

  • My mother's one idea was to sacrifice her life to her children and she had done nothing else since the death of my father. We wished that she had married again instead.

  • [On lover Douglas Garman:] I don't see how he could have endured me so long. Once I was so awful to him that he slapped me hard in the face and then was so ashamed of himself that he burst into tears. ... Garman and I had a row about Communism and I got so bitchy that he hit me. I slipped and fell. There was blood everywhere.

  • [On John Tunnard:] One day a marvelous man in a highly elaborate tweed coat walked into the gallery. He looked a little like Groucho Marx. He was as animated as a jazz-band leader, which he turned out to be. He showed us his gouaches, which were as musical as Kandinsky's, as delicate as Klee's, and as gay as Miró's.

  • [On amassing art for her collection:] My motto was 'Buy a picture a day' and I lived up to it.

  • I thought it would be nice to marry Virgil [Thomson] to have a musical background, but I never got far with the project.

  • [On Venice:] Every hour of the day is a miracle of light. In summer with daybreak the rising sun produces such a tender magic on the water that it nearly breaks one's heart.

  • If anything can rival Venice in its beauty, it must be its reflection at sunset in the Grand Canal.

  • To go out in a gondola at night is to reconstruct in one's imagination the true Venice, the Venice of the past alive with romance, elopements, abductions, revenged passions, intrigues, adulteries, denouncements, unaccountable deaths, gambling, lute playing and singing.

  • [When asked how many husbands she had had:] My own, or other people's?

    • Peggy Guggenheim,
    • in Malcolm Forbes, Women Who Made a Difference ()

Peggy Guggenheim, U.S. art collector, bohemian, socialite

(1898 - 1979)

Full name: Marguerite Guggenheim.