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Angelina Grimké

  • Duty is ours and events are God's.

  • The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any human power, whether civil or ecclesiastical, is the doctrine of despotism ...

  • Slavery always has, and always will produce insurrections wherever it exists, because it is a violation of the natural order of things ...

  • Our fathers waged a bloody conflict with England, because they were taxed without being represented ... They were not willing to be governed by laws which they had no voice in making; but this is the way in which women are governed in this Republic.

    • Angelina Grimké,
    • 1836, Letters to Catherine E. Beecher ()
  • Who has ever attempted to draw a line of separation between the duties of men and women, as moral beings, without committing the grossest inconsistencies on the one hand, or running into the most arrant absurdities on the other?

    • Angelina Grimké,
    • 1837, Letters to Catherine E. Beecher ()
  • ... whatever it is morally right for man to do, it is morally right for woman to do.

    • Angelina Grimké,
    • 1837, Letters to Catherine E. Beecher ()
  • I recognize no rights but human rights — I know nothing of men's rights and women's rights ...

    • Angelina Grimké,
    • 1837, Letters to Catherine E. Beecher ()
  • The investigation of the rights of the slave has led me to a better understanding of my own. I have found the anti-slavery cause to be ... the school in which human rights are more fully investigated and better understood and taught than in any other.

    • Angelina Grimké,
    • 1837, Letters to Catherine E. Beecher ()

Angelina Grimké, U.S. abolitionist, women's rights worker, reformer

(1805 - 1879)

Full name: Angelina Emily Grimké Weld.