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Gwethalyn Graham

  • A Jew describes another Jew simply as a human being; a Gentile describes him, first and foremost, as a Jew.

  • There is nothing in the education of the average non-scientific human being to discourage him from the habit of generalizing from little or no evidence, and worse still and far more important, nothing to discourage him from the habit of starting with a generalization and ending up with the individual, instead of the other way round.

  • If you choose to turn your back, you don't really have a say in what goes on behind it.

  • For every individual who really is exceptional there are about fifty thousand who just imagine they are — until it's too late, and they find out they aren't after all.

  • ... there are people who are born superficial ... They prefer not to have to deal with more than a limited number of oversimplified ideas — they prefer the book reviews to the books, the headlines and the leading paragraph to the full report, the generalization to the facts, and the negative to the positive.

  • It's not facts that hurt people, it's their attitude towards facts.

  • Since he had put almost nothing into his religion at any time during his life, there was no real reason why he should have expected, suddenly in an emergency, to get something out of it.

  • ... for every person who's stepped out of line and lived to regret it, there are two people who stayed in line because they got their values mixed and lost their nerve, and who have lived to regret it still more. You don't hear about those people because they're still in line where they don't show.

  • ... you cannot make a person believe anything unless that person has already had a conscious or unconscious vision of the same thing; you have no conviction of truth unless you have already apprehended it intuitively.

  • I don't want to get married ... I'm certainly not going to give up the work I've wanted to do all my life for the sake of it, any more than I'd expect my husband, if he were a doctor or a lawyer, for example, to give up practising medicine or law in order to marry me.

  • One doesn't expect justice from life ... it's the function of human beings to put it there ...

  • There is nothing in the world so dangerous, or so overwhelming as stupidity; perhaps there is no more of it now than there has been at any time, but I do not think the witless of past generations had so much power. The powers of darkness are the powers of misdirected knowledge.

Gwethalyn Graham, Canadian writer

(1913 - 1965)