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Anita Loos

  • Gentlemen prefer blondes.

    • Anita Loos,
    • book title ()
  • So I really think American gentlemen are the best after all, because kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a diamond and safire bracelet lasts forever.

  • I seem to be thinking practically all of the time. I mean it is my favorite recreation and sometimes I sit for hours and do not seem to do anything but think. So this gentleman said a girl with brains ought to do something else with them besides think.

  • Gentlemen always seem to remember blondes.

  • ... she always believed in the old addage, 'Leave them while you're looking good.'

  • I always say that a girl never really looks as well as she does on board a steamship, or even a yacht.

  • Fate keeps on happening.

  • ... I always think that the most delightful thing about traveling is to always be running into Americans and to always feel at home.

  • ... Dorothy looked at me and looked at me and she really said she thought my brains were a miracle. I mean she said my brains reminded her of a radio because you listen to it for days and days and you get discouradged and just when you are getting ready to smash it, something comes out that is a masterpiece.

  • ... any girl who was a lady would not even think of having such a good time that she did not remember to hang on to her jewelry.

  • And a Famous Film Star who is left alone is more alone than any other person has ever been in the whole Histry of the World, because of the contrast to our normal enviromint.

  • Nobody can tell about this California climate. One minit its hot and the next minit its cold, so a person never knows what to hock.

  • ... with a mental equipment which allows me to tell the difference between hot and cold, I stand out in this community like a modern day Cicero. Dropped into any other city of the world, I'd rate as a possibly adequate night watchman.

  • Tallulah [Bankhead] never bored anyone, and I consider that humanitarianism of a very high order indeed.

    • Anita Loos,
    • in The New York Times ()
  • I'm furious about the Women's Liberationists. They keep getting up on soapboxes and proclaiming that women are brighter than men. That's true, but it should be kept very quiet or it ruins the whole racket.

    • Anita Loos,
    • in The Observer ()
  • Pleasure that isn't paid for is as insipid as everything else that's free.

    • Anita Loos,
    • in The Observer ()
  • Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.

    • Anita Loos,
    • in The Observer ()
  • On a plane you can pick up more and better people than on any other public conveyance since the stagecoach.

    • Anita Loos,
    • in International Herald Tribune ()
  • I've never known a Philadelphian who wasn't a downright 'character'; possibly a defense mechanism resulting from the dullness of their native habitat.

  • In its heyday, Hollywood reflected, if it did not actually produce, the sexual climate of our land.

  • ... the French have a certain obsession with sex, but it's a particularly adult obsession. France is the thriftiest of all nations; to a Frenchman sex provides the most economical way to have fun.

  • The wrong side of the tracks is livelier.

    • Anita Loos,
    • chapter title, Kiss Hollywood Good-by ()
  • The rarest of all things in American life is charm. We spend billions every year manufacturing fake charm that goes under the heading of 'public relations.' Without it, America would be grim indeed.

  • ... memory is more indelible than ink.

  • [To a friend who said, 'I always wondered how you could write Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when you are a brunette':] That's how I know.

    • Anita Loos
  • It isn't that gentlemen really prefer blondes, it's just that we look dumber.

    • Anita Loos

Anita Loos, U.S. novelist, screenwriter, humorist

(1893 - 1981)