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Jane O'Reilly

  • Remember that nothing will ever get done by anyone else if you do it. If you are the only person who worries about it, perhaps it isn't worth worrying about. If it is very important to you that you not live in a sty, then you must persuade everyone else that what is important to you counts.

    • Jane O'Reilly,
    • "Click! The Housewife's Moment of Truth," Ms. ()
  • The first great step is to like yourself enough to pick someone who likes you, too.

    • Jane O'Reilly,
    • "View From the Bed," Ms. ()
  • The one nice thing about sports is that they prove men do have emotions and are not afraid to show them.

  • According to the dictionary: 'in modern apprehension man as thus used' [in the sense of 'person'] 'primarily denotes the male sex, though by implication referring also to women.' I am not sure that 'by implication' fully expresses the degree to which I wish to feel included in the human race.

  • Divorce is only less painful than the need for divorce.

  • The more important the title, the more self-important the person, the greater the amount of time spent on the Eastern shuttle, the more suspicious the man and the less vitality in the organization.

  • My bed is my best friend. ... I type in it, telephone in it, think in it, and stare at the wall from it. Some morning, a long time from now, I hope I will be found peacefully dead in it, lying in a narrow but cozy space between old manuscripts, lost books, empty teacups, misplaced nightgowns, and unsharpened pencils.

  • George Bush looks like the first husband we all divorced.

    • Jane O'Reilly,
    • in GQ ()
  • Fifty is a time of final options, but it is also a culmination, the prime of life, the beginning of seeing how it all turns out. Let there be less marveling at our wonderful preservation and more respect for the maturity of our mind and spirit. After all, the most important mission of a woman's life is not to hold onto her looks. Our mission is the same as a man's ... to grow up. To ignore that goal is to exclude women from adult responsibility. Fifty is fifty, and to deny that is to deny wisdom, experience and life itself.

    • Jane O'Reilly,
    • in The New York Times ()

Jane O'Reilly, U.S. writer, editor


Full name: Jane Conroy O’Reilly.