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Mary O'Hara

  • He had let out the dogs and they were jumping around him frantic with joy, as if they were afraid, every night, there would never be another letting out or another morning.

  • He felt the sense of loss which every dreamer feels when the dream moves up, comes close, and at last is concrete.

  • ... a dreamer — you know — it's a mind that looks over the edges of things ...

  • [He] stood listening in that peculiar state of tension which everyone feels when they call and are not answered.

  • Happiness hangs by a hair.

  • ... if you go away from your own place and people — the place you spent your childhood in, all your life you'll be sick with homesickness and you'll never have a home. You can find a better place, perhaps, a way of life you like better, but the home is gone out of your heart, and you'll be hunting it all your life long.

  • Dismounted from her dream, she could not find footing again on solid ground. Her realities repelled her.

  • ... music hints at all that we cannot know but just dream of.

  • Looking backward through life, one can see the points of change, like great locks through which one glides on a flood wave, so smoothly, on such irresistible power that one is hardly aware of any movement. But life is never the same again. One has gone through the lock and lives on a new level.

  • Fishing, one can think of many things at once. Thoughts dart through the mind, different topics, as fish through the water.

  • Love cannot survive if you just give it scraps of yourself, scraps of your time, scraps of your thoughts.

  • When one person's mad and the other isn't, the mad one always wins.

  • Everybody, they say, has one good novel in them — their own autobiography.

  • In the biblical story of creation, chaos came before shapes and forms.

  • The story is so easy that I hold off on it as long as I can, dealing exhaustively with those elements that are underneath; testing the abstractions at every step, for it is they which, in the last analysis, will provide the meaning and the truth of all that is to come, and the whole weight and authority of the book.

  • The different faculties [of the mind] divide themselves in the main into two classifications, which I call hot (the creative) and cold (the critical).

  • To know when a book is finished is as difficult as knowing when a calf becomes a cow.

Mary O'Hara, U.S. writer, screenwriter, composer

(1885 - 1980)

Full name: Mary O’Hara Alsop Parrot Sture-Vasa.