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Sarah Tarleton Colvin

  • Unfulfilled desires are dangerous forces.

  • A man in love ... is often betrayed into doing foolish things and making promises that he knows deep down in his heart he will never keep. After marriage, his immediate problem is to secure his release from these promises without appearing to ask for it.

  • Aristocracies are erected on the work of other people, in whatever manner secured.

  • No private scheme can ever be devised that will bring medical service to the majority of the people of the United States. We are gradually learning that under our economic system of 'free enterprise,' adequate medical service can never be paid for as a private cost.

  • Individually doctors are kind to nurses; collectively they are indifferent to an appalling degree.

  • The conduct of these two groups of men, the politicians and the businessmen, shows how absolutely interchangeable the terms 'business' and 'politics' are in the capitalistic world.

  • Business is really more powerful than politics. ... Its power to confuse an issue by insisting upon acceptance of such clichés as 'free enterprise' in a world where nothing is free from interrelationships, and its absolute refusal to meet the practical issue of needs of human beings for such simple things as food, clothing, and shelter, are the real obstruction in clearing the path for permanent prosperity and peace.

  • A business set up just to make money is rarely efficient, because it is not often intended to create wealth; it is only expected to make a fortune for certain people who occupy executive positions.

  • No form of enterprise is either intelligent or productive of social value if it is run on the business principle of manufacturing as long as you sell at a profit and closing down as soon as a few people are not getting what they think they are entitled to. Until business recognizes its social obligations, no permanent improvement can be expected.

Sarah Tarleton Colvin, U.S. nurse, educator, writer, suffragist

(1865 - 1949)